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Dominican Food Hidden in the back of a South Street West Deli

A few months ago, some awesome Midtown Lunch Reader (I can’t remember which one, sorry!) mentioned in the comments that there was Dominican food to be found inside a deli on South Street. There are few things I like more than good food in unexpected places. Which is why it kept *eating* at me that I had yet to make it over there to see for myself. But I finally got there, guys!

The deli, located next to Lazaro’s Pizza close to 18th Street, looks completely #basic. Head past the chips towards the back counter where they make breakfast and sandwiches. One small sign taped to the Plexiglas explains that Dominican platters are cooked daily. Since most Dominican food in Philly is north of Center City, this is an excitingly convenient find.

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Blackened Pork Belly Banh Mi from Bistro SouthEast on South Street West

Bistro South East opened quietly last month by a husband and wife team, serving Vietnamese influenced sandwiches for lunch every day and a seafood focused menu at night.  The name doesn’t do it any favors.  Unless you knew they served Vietnamese food, you might be confused why a restaurant on South Street West would pick that name. But now, we get it. Staff is super friendly and I liked the drawn guides to eating seafood on the wall (dinner menu includes crawfish by the pound). Read more »

Unique Bouquet Cafe Open on South Street West

Snowy enough for you? Is what your corny neighbor would say. Not me though. I am cool. But it’s totally soup weather, so I grabbed some homemade soup of the day from Unique Bouquet Cafe. The Cafe opened last week on South Street West and is still ironing out the kinks. For example, receipts were handwritten and it took a bit of time after I ordered a sandwich to be told they were out of the main ingredient. Hence why I only got soup.

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Magpie’s Sweet and Savory

Magpie opened about a year and a half ago on South Street.  I remember hearing about its opening, excited for the sweet and savory pies. The cute space is open Tues-Sunday, for lunch and dinner. Pies change seasonally. Now that is winter, the pies are hearty as hell.

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The Flavor of Pork? Latin Flavor brings Casual Caribbean to South Street

At the end of November, a Latin American/Caribbean casual dining restaurant opened on South Street. Latin Flavor serves Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican food. This news peaked my taste bud’s interests because most Caribbean restaurants we have to work with in Philly are either fancy or super far from Center City.  I wondered if this spot could stand up to the amazing Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican food I have tried up in North Philly: Isla Nena, El Principe, El Lechonera Principe, Cibao, El Rey de Fritura, Shining Star, Porky’s Point, and Freddy and Tony’s. Looking back at those reviews, I can only grimace with pride about how much fatty pork I have already consumed in my lifetime. Time for more. Because we all know that the “Latin Flavor” is often fatty, delicious pork.

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Kimchee Fried Rice Balls at Kidari

Kidari Sushi Yatai is one of those harmless neighborhood sushi places that you remember to check out when your Groupon for dinner there is expiring. Not that I haven’t had a decent sushi meal there, but you know what I mean. So, when I walked by and saw new lunch specials including one that incorporates bacon and kimchee, I was excited.

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Tuk Tuk Fail

Who wouldn’t be pumped about the opening of a Mexican-Thai spot on South Street? And when Tuk Tul Real, the “thai taqueria,” put out their menu, it still seemed promising- burritos, tacos, tortas, sides, and larger platters with thai flavors. But a great concept isn’t enough to carry a restaurant.

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