Pork by the Pound at Freddy and Tony’s

On a pork mission, the greatest type of all missions, I went northwards to Freddy and Tony’s Restaurant, a Puerto Rican staple established in 1980. Inside, the multiple Puerto Rican flags and wood paneling assure you won’t mistake this place for anything its not.

If you want to feel like you are at a bar mitzvah, the pina coladas are virgin, refreshing, and come with the appropriate accessories.

This beef empanada we tried to start looks a lot sadder on the plate than the buttery, flakiness happiness it provided in my mouth.

Even better was the relleno de papa, a potato ball stuffed with beef. Gravy costs a few dimes extra- do not skip it. A Shepard’s pie meets arancini dream- savory beef enclosed by a mush of potato, with a very very serious beef and vegetable gravy.

Freddy and Tony’s offers a whole bunch of combo platters and sandwiches, you know, for civilized people. Instead, we got a pound and a half of pork.

Pernil is $7.50 a pound. We got a whole pound.  If your preference is for the roasted, sticky shreds of pork, pick this.

If more skin, fat, and crunch is what you seek, the carne frita will deliver. We ordered a half pound of it for good measure. Big chunks of pork come close to resembling chicharon (which is also on the menu) but have more meat attached to the skin. You can’t be afraid of biting in to some fat if you order this. The pieces were certainly greasy, while the pernil really wasn’t.  Neither were the slightest bit dry and both can easily be spruced up in a pan for leftovers the next day.

Freddy and Tony’s is worth the trip out of Center City, be sure to order the potato beef ball in gravy and at least one variation of pork. Promise yourself a salad the next day.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Pork, pork, pork

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Not so heart healthy or vegetarian friendly

Freddy & Tony’s Restaurant,  201 W Allegheny Ave, 215 634-3889


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    Another one of the places right by me that I never got the chance to try while I was here full-time. Bah!

    Definitely gonna have to check them out for a changing-things-up lunch one of these weekends…

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