Take Advantage of Better Weather at Porky’s Point

Now that the horrible weather is finally breaking, snacking at a stand is sounding like a better idea. Porky’s Point in North Philly is a Puerto Rican take out restaurant with a lot of pork and cheap, fried snacks.

A flakey, beef empanada wet our appetites.

The red sauce on the mofongo was a nice touch; it kept the plantain ball moist.

For the main event, we got a quarter pound of pork. It had that awesome, essence of pork flavor, though I could have used more garlic or a sauce. Apparently you can get some of the red sauce on the side, that would have worked.

And now you have an answer to that burning question of  where to have a  North Philly pork picnic.

Porky’s Point, 3824 N 5th St, 215 221-6243


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    The problem is that winter will be coming back again on Monday, though, and hanging out until Thursday, with more snow probable on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    I’m probably hitting Porky’s for the first time on Saturday, though, regardless. It’s somewhere I’ve been wanting to hit forever now, and I should really get it done soon…

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