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AYCE Pork Tonight?

While 5pm isn’t technically lunch, this deal is too good to not share. Tonight, and every Monday this summer from 5pm on, Cuba Libre is hosting a $25 all you can eat pig roast featuring a huge piggy slow roasting all day on the streets of Old City in the “Caja China.” I was invited for a porky preview.

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Meat Stuffed Plantains at Tierra Colombiana

Photo via Cuban Food USA 

Tierra Colombiana, the less frou-frou and more distant sister to the Gayhorhood’s Mixto, serves Colombian, Ecuatorian, and Cuban food in North Philly.  It also doubles at a night club. But there was no way I was dancing after all the food I put away.  There are a lot of big plates on the menu, but my group focused on the appetizers so we had more to sample.

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The Flavor of Pork? Latin Flavor brings Casual Caribbean to South Street

At the end of November, a Latin American/Caribbean casual dining restaurant opened on South Street. Latin Flavor serves Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican food. This news peaked my taste bud’s interests because most Caribbean restaurants we have to work with in Philly are either fancy or super far from Center City.  I wondered if this spot could stand up to the amazing Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican food I have tried up in North Philly: Isla Nena, El Principe, El Lechonera Principe, Cibao, El Rey de Fritura, Shining Star, Porky’s Point, and Freddy and Tony’s. Looking back at those reviews, I can only grimace with pride about how much fatty pork I have already consumed in my lifetime. Time for more. Because we all know that the “Latin Flavor” is often fatty, delicious pork.

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Wandering Wednesdays: Mofongo and Steam Table Teasers at Pio Pio

For the 3rd week in a row, I am interrupting our regularly scheduled/centrally located programing to explore Northeast Philly. This week, it’s Pio Pio, a Cuban “deli, grocery, restaurant”.

With a name like Pio Pio, I assumed Peruvian chicken, since there are a whole bunch of Pio Pio’s in NYC who do just that. Further confusing me were the cute little hatching chicks on the awning, how could I not think it was a chicken joint?

While they do actually serve chicken along with American food (sandwiches, pizza, cheesesteaks) from a counter in the front, I was more interested in the Cuban food from the counter in the back.

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Cafe Clave is Your UCity stop for Baked Empanadas

This week Profiled Luncher Lauren went to check out the empanadas at Cafe Clave in University City.

There’s almost nothing I love more than a good empanada. I’ve had Cafe Cláve on my to do list ever since its mention in Daily Candy over two years ago, but I’ve tried my best to avoid empanadas in an effort to protect my waistline. After reading that the cafe’s empanadas were actually baked and not fried, I decided to give them a try.

Cafe Cláve is a cuban coffee shop on Locust street between 43rd and 44th, a great block that also boasts Koch’s Deli, a favorite spot for some of the biggest and best sandwiches in Philly. Open in 2003/2004, the spot changed hands to the Green Line Cafe, but returned to its original concept in October of 2008. I stopped by this week for lunch and was really impressed with the decorated interior and community vibe. The friendly server was chatting with many of the patrons and I heard her ask a few times if they wanted “the usual.” The crowd was a good mix of people who were hanging out for lunch and students doing work. For those looking to work on their laptops, the cafe has an outlet at every table.

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