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Miso Cod Bento Box on CoZara’s Updated Menu

Last summer I tried and enjoyed the first go at lunch service from CoZara, University City’s izakaya. Since then, the menu has been streamlined and the biggest change, sushi was added.

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Kimchee Fried Rice Balls at Kidari

Kidari Sushi Yatai is one of those harmless neighborhood sushi places that you remember to check out when your Groupon for dinner there is expiring. Not that I haven’t had a decent sushi meal there, but you know what I mean. So, when I walked by and saw new lunch specials including one that incorporates bacon and kimchee, I was excited.

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Izakaya Lunch at CoZara

Philly is lacking in Izakayas; the Japanese, tapas-style, non-sushi, drinking encouraged type of place. CoZara, in University City, is helping to fill that gap. Open since late April, lunch service has finally started and I was lucky enough to receive an invite to try the lunch menu items.

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Keep it Sushi-like at Hai Street Kitchen

 Hai Street Kitchen opened at the end of May and has been busy every since. Philly seems to be responding well to  oversized, sushi rolls made to order with traditional and non traditional ingredients.  I waited a bit for my chance to try them, the line out the door the first week was too much for a quick lunch break. When I went, the line was contained to the inside and moved fast.  Pick a protein, sauce, and vegetables or choose from 6 preset signature rolls. Set up like other build your own style places, you make your way down the counter as your ingredients are added to your roll.  

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Misora Express Bento Revisit

2 summers ago I was very impressed at the quality and bounty of food provided in the bento box from Misora Express, centrally located on 15th and Chestnut Street. The beef negamaki and piles of side dishes made an excellent lunch package for under $10. I revisited Misora to see if the sushi based bentos were similarly appealing.

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Seeing what the fuss is about at Vic Sushi Bar

I remembered  hearing about Vic Sushi Bar and how great it was when I moved to Philly. Somehow it has taken me this long to actually try it out. Vic’s is pretty tiny and mostly used for takeout, which is what 2 coworkers and I decided to do.

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Beyond Spicy Tuna: A Signature Sushi Roll for Lunch at Chinamoto

Philly has numerous sushi spots with identical lunch specials, 3 rolls and a miso soup for around $11 (or 2 rolls for $8). It is a fine lunch; fast, pretty healthy, and salty. The problem is that the rolls they let you choose from are the boring ones. You know, the veggie ones, california rolls, or what I go for- the simple spicy tuna. Sometimes, though, you just to indulge in one of those fully loaded, crazy rolls that are served at dinner, but  at a lunch time price.

Chinamoto recently opened by Tashan on Broad Street two months ago. The space has a modern, trendy ambiance. There is a sushi bar, which is a big part of the menu, but Thai and Chinese plates are also available during lunch. And along with the 3 roll for $11 deal, are a few dinner menu style signature sushi rolls.   Read more »