Miso Cod Bento Box on CoZara’s Updated Menu

Last summer I tried and enjoyed the first go at lunch service from CoZara, University City’s izakaya. Since then, the menu has been streamlined and the biggest change, sushi was added.

The bento boxes are new; its always nice to be served a platter of many things at once. I picked the miso glazed cod ($13) and was able to swap out rice for an uber fresh spicy tuna roll for a few extra dollars. The perfectly cooked cod was the highlight here. Salty, not over cooked edamame and better than average miso were good accompaniments, though the salad was sadly not dressed.

For research’s sake, I had to try some of my favorites from my last visit that were kept on the updated menu. I was sad the¬†tonkatsu maki wrap was taken off, but don’t cry for me Argentina, I didn’t walk away hungry.

It actually is quite telling if I order a menu item again. I am constantly looking for new flavors to share with you. The mushroom wontons are still as perfect as I remembered. That means I vouch for these double.

Oh, and as it turns out, the pork ramen has not slipped any notches.

While I didn’t dabble in the sushi side of the lunch menu, other than the basic but well executed spicy tuna roll, I feel like that is the way to go here- the Izakaya side of the menu is way more exciting.

CoZara, 3200 Chestnut Street,  267 233 7488


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