Dominican Food Hidden in the back of a South Street West Deli

A few months ago, some awesome Midtown Lunch Reader (I can’t remember which one, sorry!) mentioned in the comments that there was Dominican food to be found inside a deli on South Street. There are few things I like more than good food in unexpected places. Which is why it kept *eating* at me that I had yet to make it over there to see for myself. But I finally got there, guys!

The deli, located next to Lazaro’s Pizza close to 18th Street, looks completely #basic. Head past the chips towards the back counter where they make breakfast and sandwiches. One small sign taped to the Plexiglas explains that Dominican platters are cooked daily. Since most Dominican food in Philly is north of Center City, this is an excitingly convenient find.


I had the option of chicken, pork chops, or what they called pulled pork. “Is it pernil?” I asked. “Yes”. Yessssss. Mine.  Small platters are only $6 and large platters are $8. The $6 tin container came packed with more pork, rice, and beans, than most people could finish in one sitting. The beans and rice were well-seasoned and I liked the single olive addition (can you see it?) Theirs was a solid version of pernil; while I missed some skin cracklings that some of those North Philly spots nail, it held its own with good flavor and moistness.

If you are within walking distance of 18th and South, you really should make this a lunch stop this week.  Report back if you try one of their other dishes.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • conveniently located Dominican food
  • huge $6 platters, ready to go

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I like a balanced meal that includes vegetables

South Street Deli,  1739 S St, 215 546-1580


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