Shorties Is A Mexican Restaurant In Deli Clothes

On the upper stretch of Church St. there are a bunch of higher-end restaurants and watering holes and among them sits Shorties Deli Cafe which from the outside appears to be another generic deli. If you look at the windows closely enough or step inside you’re bound to realize that most people probably don’t order sandwiches or wraps here but instead are walking out with a torta or some tacos, perhaps paired with a Mexican Coke in a bottle.

Handwritten signs on the front window and over the back steam table advertise a wide variety of Mexican foods and plates that include quesadillas, flautas, chilaquiles and something called nachos Texanos that frankly looked delicious even from its low-quality picture on the printed menu. If you’re into sandwiches, there was some sort of crazy hybrid involving pastrami, swiss cheese, jalapenos and chipotle sauce.

Since lunch’er Mike had recommended the tacos and profiled lunch’er Zachary had asked about them that was what I decided to order. They are dirt cheap at $2 apiece and I got one each of (left to right) carne asada, al pastor and chorizo. Other filling options include cecina or salted beef, carnitas, carne enchilada, chicken and vegetables.  Paying $7 for three tacos is about as cheap as you’re going to get downtown.

My favorites out of the three were the carne asada and chorizo. Both were well-seasoned and once I added some of their hot green sauce were great. The al pastor wasn’t bad, but it was the most bland of the three. All of them could have used a bit more cilantro and onion but they weren’t skimpy with the guacamole.

I can’t think of another place in this part of Tribeca where you’re going to get Mexican food for this price, and the fact that it’s good doesn’t hurt either.

Shorties Deli Cafe, 251 Church St. (btw. Leonard & Franklin), (212) 219-3299



  • I like the chorizo tacos here, they are tasty; i was wondering if they got their Health inspection grade. It was pending for a while.

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    Bingo! Thanks, Andrea for confirming my suspicions with your review. Lunch is served.

  • that’s a lot of awesome choices

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    I went there for breakfast yesterday (Saturday) and ordered 3 egg & cheese tacos, with little sides of rice & beans. The gentleman asked me how I wanted my eggs, and I pointed to the big pan of huevos revueltos con chiles poblanos that he had all ready on the steam table. Nicely scrambled eggs with strips of poblano peppers. He asked me what kind of cheese I wanted. I wanted Mexican cheese … whatever he had would be fine.

    The tacos were fabulous, as were the rice & beans. And the salsa. The guy asked me if I wanted some “sour cream”, and I said yes; but I know a good crema when I see/taste it and this was the real thing.

    Oh, and did I want guacamole on my tacos? Nothing further need be spake about that, eh?

    3 of those tacos was waay too much. No problem–I’ll order only 2 when I go back tomorrow. burp

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    I walk passed this place sometimes, but never went in. This review will change that.

  • @seaweed: Do they have breakfast tacos during the week, b/c I NEED IT.

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      I completely empathize with such a need, however I don’t know if they do breakfast tacos during the week. we really need to get to the bottom of this pronto!

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