Onya’s Beef Bowl Festival Should Go On Forever

Onya Anyone here familiar with Yoshinoya (42nd btw 7+8th Ave)? It may seem like one of those crappy fast food joints but I actually like eating their beef bowl. I grew up eating it in LA., where they were cheap and open 24/7. Nothing like a decent bowl of steamy rice topped with thinly sliced beef and onions to cure that hunger after partying all night.

Yoshinoya was what I was thinking about when eating the egg and scallion beef bowl ($7.50) from Onya (47th btw 3rd+Lex). From now until I’m not sure when, Onya is doing a “Beef Bowl Festival” (the lady behind the counter said it’s been quite popular so she’s not sure how long they will have it but it’ll be a while). So what’s a Beef Bowl Festival? Let’s find out.


They’re offering 6 different types of beef bowls (original, egg and scallion, garlic leek, kimchi, grated radish and ponzu sauce and spicy miso vegetable) all for $7.50 except for the original which is $6.50 (these prices are for the large bowls, minus $2 for the smalls).


I got the egg and scallion beef bowl. This was good. Definitely don’t expect to be WOW’d but Onya makes a solid bowl of beef bowl. And the large did a good job at filling me up. The slices of beef were perfectly thin and fatty and so comforting to eat with the steamy rice. The scallion was a nice, it offered a bit of freshness and crunchy texture to the bowl.


The egg, still runny, gave a bit of creaminess texture to the beef bowl

This was total comfort food and just in time for the cold weather. Though I may never embrace the “goop” but I will definitely be back for more beef bowls.

Onya, 143 East 47th St. (btw. Lex+3rd) 212-715-0460


  • Yes, wish there were a Yoshinoya Beef Bowl on every corner.

  • If I’m not mistaken, they have the regular one outside of the festival–if not on their regular menu, then on some of the rotating “set” menus…I’ve had it at least twice before.

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    Love Yoshinoya beef bowl. Don’t make the mistake I did of ordering the beef soup (if it’s still on their menu). It was super salty and tasted like the sauce from where the beef in the beef bowl was cooked in.

  • Speaking of goop… those egg whites look a little jiggly. Still looks like one sexy meal.

    My Jap TA in college always raved about Yoshinoya’s gyuudon. And just gyuudon in general. I’m generally indifferent but sometimes… OHHH man. You just get that craving. Totally hitting this up for lunch tomorrow.

  • Went today. They didn’t have that festival anymore. Instead, ordered an Ontama Tori Don — poached egg & chicken over rice. I asked for a larger size, (not listed as an option on the menu) which costs an extra dollar. Also nabbed a squid tempura and a couple of chicken skewers. All in all, about $9 in damage. Very comforting meal.

    Line didn’t move well because people were indecisive at the tempura buffet table.

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