Kimchi Taco Truck Gets Finer With Age

kimchi taco truckSimilar to wine, as kimchi ages, it gets appreciably finer (for most tastes). And it seems that after nearly a year on the road, The Kimchi Taco Truck has finally found its groove, and is turning out some pretty fantastic product. To be brutally honest, I wasn’t impressed with the tacos from this truck the first time I had them. They were horribly dry and woefully wimpy in flavor, so much so that I couldn’t promote them on Midtown lunch in good conscience. Instead, I’ve stuck to the kimchi bowls and their awesomely low-brow ‘kimcheese steaks’. However, spurred on by yesterday’s food truck promotion by Mastercard, I gave the tacos another shot, and was glad that I did.

Kimchi Taco Truck Tacos

The promotion granted the first 500 lunchers a choice of two tacos on the house. I went with a pork and a beef taco, which were graced with aged, chopped kimchi, scallions and swipe of sour cream. You’re in for a treat when you try Chef Youngsun Lee’s kimchi – it’s some of the finest kimchi you’ll try in New York, food truck or not.

But best of all, my previous grieves of dryness and flavor were immediately vindicated with this order. The meat was thoroughly juicy and flavorful, the pork a bit more-so than the beef. In fact, it was juicy enough to punch a few holes into the corn tortilla – luckily they thought to pack a fork in my bag.

Kimchi Taco Truck nachos

I was previously a big fan of their spin on nachos ($4), and they’ve made improvements to these in the past 6 months as well. This version was far more generous with the ingredients, packing a good deal of meat and beans – a bargain dish at $4. Order the pork tacos with confidence, and while you’re at it, you’d do well to order the nachos as well.

They’re supposed to be parked on 46th & Lex today, but you’ll want to check their twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.


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    i’m a huge fan of their multigrain rice bowl with spicy pork. although i haven’t had it in months since they don’t park anywhere near my work anymore (booo to trucks being kicked out of the 50th b/w 6+7th spot)

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    Loved the nachos last time I tried, but the bowls are just too small.

  • Has anybody tried the beans in the wild rice lately? The past two times they were undercooked and hard.

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    I went today for the first time with mixed expectations. Had the pork kim-cheesesteak extra-spicy with provolone with a side of ricecakes.

    The cheesesteak was a flavor bomb. Juicy, sweet, spicy, tart, tender and a hint of cheese. Messy for sure but full of win.

    The ricecakes were good, but not hot (temperature) probably because I went so early. I really liked the fact that the ricecakes were apparently heated on the griddle, so they have a slight crisp to them – a nice touch.

    I’d go back again, definitely for the cheesesteak, may or may not do the ricecakes again depending on how hungry I am. The cheesesteak is definitely enough on its own.

    Keep up the good work.

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