Something is Coming to the Old Pinnacle Deli Space

Pinnacle Bagel & Deli

Ever since I started working in Midtown East back in late June, it was always sad to walk by Pinnacle Bagel & Deli (3rd btw 46+47th) and its empty counters. I may never get to experience their Korean tacos with a side of bagel, but I am excited to see some sort of movement in that space. Just a couple days ago I noticed brown paper covering up all the windows. I’m hoping it will be a kick ass cheap lunch spots with good Korean food (I’ve been craving Korean food, but it’s kind of hard to find in Midtown East). Anybody know what’s going in there? ┬áTips, or requests, are welcome in the comments…


  • No more creative sandwich shops, please.

    There really are no fast food joints left in the area since the remaining few were recently displaced on Lex. in the mid 40′s (although I don’t think anyone misses Sbarro) so it would be nice to see another Wendy’s open up in this spot, but probably not enough real estate in the former Pinnacle space to accommodate one, even with the upper level.

  • generic deli with good bagels. 696 Deli switched providers and theirs have sucked for a while. the breakfast sandwiches on this stretch of 3rd ave continue to suffer.

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