Contributor Stalking (The “feeling autumnal” edition)

Tacos from Shorties Deli downtown. Photo by Andrea.

Brian got zombified while visiting Papabubble for his new Halloween video, Rachel tried out Cascabel Taqueria on the Upper East Side, Blondie checked out the new fall pie from four and twenty while Brownie tracked down Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls at a bodega in Park Slope, Donny whipped up a lamb stew at home, Chris had dinner at The Walrus and the Carpenter in Seattle and I photographed the Marty Markowitz at the grand opening of Fleisher’s in Brooklyn.

Elsewhere in the ML universe… Zach is making a list of new Los Angeles lunch options, Andrea discovered a Mexican restaurant hidden in a generic deli and Jamie is hosting a Midtown Lunch Philadelphia lunchtime meetup later this week.

Speaking of Midtown Lunch meetups, there’s less than a week left to win a free lunch on us & Google next week at Food Gallery 32.

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