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Get Your Tri Tip Grill Breakfast February Freebie

As you may or may not know I kind of love breakfast at Tri Tip Grill (in the Rock Center Concourse), so I was pretty excited to see this deal in my Rock Center tenant newsletter: Purchase a breakfast burrito anytime during the month of Feb. and get your choice of a buck muffin or brandy french toast for free! Just use the code TRI BREAKFAST. One promotion per person (naturally), and breakfast is only from 8-11:00am.

Tri Tip Also Does French Toast for Breakfast

Tri Tip

I like to start my day with breakfast, but some days I just don’t have the time to get some grub going before I get to work. Jeremiah’s post about Tri Tip’s new breakfast sandwich looked pretty awesome, so I decided to check out their breakfast offerings myself.

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Tri Tip’s New Breakfast Sandwich is a Winner

As mentioned in the forums last week, Tri Tip Grill (in the Rockefeller Center Concourse) has recently opened for breakfast, including an egg sandwich featuring their trademark beef. This is great news for people who believe it’s never inappropriate to enjoy some medium-rare red meat. People like me.
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Breakfast Sandwiches for Lunch at ‘wichcraft

'wichcraft rock center

Sometimes when I take lunch I want to just chill out for a little while, but let’s be honest here, I’m cheap, so hitting up most traditional sit down restaurants is generally going to be out of my lunch budget. ‘wichcraft in Rock Center is my sometimes oasis. If you hit it a the right time (early or late lunch), you can get a table and hole up with your lunch and a complimentary magazine. Most tourists don’t venture that far into the Rock Center underbelly, so the seating situation is much more pleasant than jostling for a free table in the open seating area. But as far as chains go, ‘wichcraft is a pricey spot, so getting out of there feeling like you get your $$ worth is a constant struggle.

Zach covered some of the best bet options for under $10 dining, way back when, but one of the things he missed is that ‘wichcraft serves breakfast all day long.

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Michel Cluizel Now Offering a $5 Parisian Breakfast

Michel Cluizel

The other day as I was running errands on 5th Ave I noticed a sign in the Michel Cluizel shop advertising a Parisian breakfast of pastry and coffee or tea for $5 from 8am to 10:30am. When I noticed pain au chocolate was one of the options I was sold.

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Times Square Hot Bagels Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese Fail

Bagel with Times Square Hot Bagels Bacon & Cheddar Cream Cheese

Ever since the Lenny’s toasting surcharge debacle, I’ve been following fellow Midtown Luncher giants’ tip and getting my bagels with cream cheese from Times Square Hot Bagels.  They make pretty solid bagels and I appreciate their lack of surcharge drama–they don’t even charge you extra for egg whites!–and their variety of cream cheeses.  The other day I decided to deviate from my standard order to try the bacon & cheddar cream cheese.  I love bacon.  I love cheddar.  I love cream cheese.  How could that triple threat not make for a big time win?

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Eggstravaganza Cart Looking for a Lunchtime Spot


How upset were we to discover the Eggs Travaganza cart back in July (thanks to Serious Eats: New York), only to find out that they closed before lunchtime?  After all, there ain’t no shame in eating egg sandwiches or pancakes and bacon for lunch- right?  Yesterday, I stopped by just before Noon hoping to snag an early lunch- and find out if they had heard our cry for longer hours.

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Eggs Travaganza’s Serious Cart Breakfast

I don’t eat my breakfast in Midtown (one meal a day in this wasteland is enough for me, thanks) but if I did this would easily be my #1 choice: the Eggs Travaganza Cart (on the NE Corner of 52nd & Park). Pancakes and bacon? Chorizo and eggs? Breakfast wraps? All from a cart? Amazing. Now if only they’d stay open past Noon! [Serious Eats: New York]

Midtown…Breakfast? [ML Forums]

99 Cent Breakfast: Blondie & Brownie put themselves in the unenviable position of trying the new 99 cent breakfast wrap from the Dunkin Donuts in Rock Center.  The price is right, but no thanks.  (Del Taco breakfast tacos, these are not.)

Breakfast at the Jamaican Dutchy

If you’ve ever wondered what the breakfast porridge at the Jamaican Dutchy is like, here’s a look at their hominy corn porridge over on Serious Eats: New York. Only $4 for an “enormous” cup, “it was creamy and sweet, with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg and vanilla, cradling large, squishy hunks of hominy. Tasty and hearty, it was the kind of morning meal that leaves you warmed from within and ready for the day.”

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