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Eggstravaganza Cart Looking for a Lunchtime Spot


How upset were we to discover the Eggs Travaganza cart back in July (thanks to Serious Eats: New York), only to find out that they closed before lunchtime?  After all, there ain’t no shame in eating egg sandwiches or pancakes and bacon for lunch- right?  Yesterday, I stopped by just before Noon hoping to snag an early lunch- and find out if they had heard our cry for longer hours.

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Success! Dessert Truck’s Day 1 in Midtown Goes Off Without a Hitch


And for the first time in the history of Midtown street food, a cart/truck has found a spot on Day 1 without any trouble whatsoever. The Dessert Truck parked on Park Ave. btw. 51+52nd and sold delicious desserts for 4+ hours today without any hassles. No trouble from the cops. No trouble from other vendors (despite a Mister Softee Truck being parked two blocks away.) And no trouble finding customers. In fact, co-owner Chris told me that sales today rivaled their regular nighttime business. Who said Midtown Lunchers wouldn’t want to stuff their faces with chocolate bread pudding on a Monday?!?

So, if everything goes as smoothly as it went today, The Dessert Truck will be parked in that same spot Monday-Friday 11:30 am to 4pm forrrrreverrrrrrrrr! Keep your fingers crossed…