Eggs Travaganza’s Serious Cart Breakfast

I don’t eat my breakfast in Midtown (one meal a day in this wasteland is enough for me, thanks) but if I did this would easily be my #1 choice: the Eggs Travaganza Cart (on the NE Corner of 52nd & Park). Pancakes and bacon? Chorizo and eggs? Breakfast wraps? All from a cart? Amazing. Now if only they’d stay open past Noon! [Serious Eats: New York]

Midtown…Breakfast? [ML Forums]


  • Seriously, after reading about them in the serious eats NY article, I really wanted a chorizo, eggs and cheese on a roll for lunch. It would’ve hit the spot better than heavily-sodiumized italian wedding soup I drank today which I paid 3 bucks for and equates to that sandwich. Oh well.

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    This was the cart that I had previously mentioned that used to get muscled around by Rafiqis….notice they cart in the background of the photo.

    Rafiqis used to try to get them to leave around 8am every morning by moving their own cart close-by and trying to turn the handle on the other cart’s stabilization wheel.

    They must have come to an agreement because I now see Rafiqis cart nearby and not directly invading their space.

  • Rafiqis used to try to get them to leave around 8am every morning by moving their own cart close-by and trying to turn the handle on the other cart’s stabilization wheel.

    Wow, that’s such an asshole thing to do. What’s next? Sneak ex-lax in all their food?

  • Damn, how neighborly of them as usual. I tried that Rafiqi’s once and refused to eat their garbage on styrofoam ever again or any other Rafiqi’s for that matter – totally weak sauce – definitely not worth my money when it comes to quality and value of Street Meats in the area (XPL, Steak Truck and 100% H&H or 100% Halal are more deserving of my business). I’m surprised by the line they get every lunch hour (thinking to myself: these people are either mad lazy or they don’t know what good street meat is). I like how their new signs say more toppings and what not but they probably dish out the same old trash to everyone.

    I have to visit this breakfast cart sometime.

  • Rafiqi is an asshole…their cart on 49th and 3rd has started shit with the friendly XPL guys and Sabor’s 2nd cart across the street.
    The city should worry less about nice vendors with phony permits, and start cracking down on complete douchebags with valid permits…

  • You folks are going to get REALLY sick someday eating stuff from those ‘carts’!

  • I was so excited by this cart that I posted to FaceBook about how I cannot wait to go here

  • If someone could tell them to stay past noon one day, we should all go down for a midtown brunch from this cart.

    too would love the chorizo and egg sandwich for lunch, much to the dismay of my coworkers.

  • Apikoros–I HOPE that was sarcasm there.

  • I wish it was Stevenp. I wish it was. I am a 34 year old married man, who has given up smoking for almost a year, had maybe 3-4 beers a week, a 4 month+ preggers wife, and work in a commissioned business in this economy… I take my excitement where I can. :-)

  • I couldn’t fight the craving so I went to the cart as soon as I left my bag in my cube. I just downed my chorizo, egg, and cheese on a roll with hot sauce. It was delectable. There goes my diet of cereal and random cereal bars in the morning. I’m going to want breakfast sandwich again more often.
    Their coffee isn’t too bad either. A lil bit better than the free Flavia stuff (no wondering why it’s free in the first place) in my office.

    Props to the lovely owners too. They are very friendly. Also a lady in front of me was reading their Serious Eats article as I was waiting for my sandwich. Then a line of line of others started to swarm. I might have to frequent them more too. They’re just across the street from me and finally won’t have to avoid that area like the black plague (Rafiqi’s cart).

  • Third week in a row going here. Same sandwich except on a bagel to change to it up.

    I guess I like to end the work week on a high note.

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