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Dessert Truck is Back: True to their word, the Dessert Truck is back in Midtown today.  According to the ML Twitter Tracker they'll be on Lexington and 55th until 3pm.  Here we come chocolate bread pudding!

Dessert Truck Returning to Midtown Today

We were pretty excited back in July when the Dessert Truck announced they would be returning to the streets, only to be disappointed to find out that they would only be parking at Astor Place.  Well, today that frustration comes to an end!  We’re hearing that the Dessert Truck will be returning to Midtown for lunch every Friday of September, from Noon to 3pm, starting today! They’re gonna try to park in their old spot (55th & Lexington), but will twitter the exact location once they’re settled.  Welcome back old friend!

Dessert Truck is Back Until October!

It was a sad day for bread pudding fans when the Dessert Truck lost their permit last year, and was forced to stop parking on the streets of Midtown.  Sure, they went on to open DT Works- a brick and mortar dessert shop downtown, but going all the way to the LES for dessert during lunch isn’t realistic for most Midtown Lunchers.  Well, now you don’t have to!  Feast NY reported this morning that the Dessert Truck is returning to the streets this afternoon. According to twitter they got a seasonal permit, allowing them to vend on the streets until October.  Today, they’ll be parked on Astor Place- but here’s hoping they’ll be back in Midtown soon!  We’ve re-added them to the ML Twitter Tracker if you want to keep dibs on their location.

BREAKING: Dessert Truck Loses Their Permit; Chef Jerome Claims to be “Relieved”

Dessert Truck is Back… But Not For Us

It’s been 5 months since the Dessert Truck lost their permit, and left the Midtown Lunch scene. But last week they made their triumphant return with DT Works- a brick and mortar shop on the Lower East Side- and Serious Eats and High Low Food Drink have your first look. That’s kind of close to the F train for those of you who miss their bread pudding enough to subway lunch it to the LES.

Dessert Truck Officially Belongs to the LES: It's official... the Dessert Truck, which was closed by the city a few months ago over permit issues, is opening a brick and mortar store at 6 Clinton St. on the Lower East Side.  I was going to take solace in that fact that we can still get their Chocolate Bread pudding at the RS Hotel, but they've now stopped doing that as well.  Bummer.

Dessert Truck Returns to Midtown!!! (Sort of…)

Photo courtesy of Serious Eats: New York

Got a message today from the Dessert Truck, who lost the right to vend from their truck last month when their permit accidentally expired

“Wanted to give you the heads up… we are starting to sell our chocolate bread pudding today at Lily’s Bar in the Roger Smith Hotel (on 46th 47th and Lex). It will be available starting today around 1pm, and will be served exactly the same way as it was served from the truck, with the same “to go” option as before. It will sell for $6. This is the only dessert we will be offering for the time being.

Regarding our return, we are optimistic we will be back soon. We are currently negotiating the terms for a space.”

Nice… their “space” is most likely not going to be in Midtown, so it’s pretty awesome that they decided to do this. The chocolate bread pudding was actually my favorite…

BREAKING: Dessert Truck Loses Their Permit; Chef Jerome Claims to be “Relieved”
Dessert Truck Looks for Storefront Outside Midtown

Dessert Truck Looks for Storefront Outside Midtown: We should probably give up hope of the Dessert Truck returning to Midtown.  Chef Jerome confirms to Fork in the Road that he probably won't try to renew their revoked permit, and instead is looking for a storefront in the LES or Village. Not a surprise. Midtown is expensive, and only seems to attract the touristy crap.

BREAKING: Dessert Truck Loses Their Permit; Chef Jerome Claims to be “Relieved”

Dessert Truck Coming to Midtown?

New York City’s prohibitive rules and red tape surrounding the issuing of licenses and permits to street vendors has claimed its first “hipster” victim. The Dessert Truck announced in a letter posted to their website that the city has refused to renew the vendor’s permit they use on their truck.

August 7th, 2009


We can’t open.  Yesterday the city notified us that the mobile food vendor’s permit used by the DessertTruck is no longer valid.  For reasons too confusing and vague for us to understand, the city denied the permit holder the right to renew his permit.

What does this mean?

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Dessert Truck Goes Savory: Starting today the Dessert Truck will be serving their very first non-dessert items: A smoked salmon sandwich (w/ cream cheese and chives on light puff dough) and a bacon & cheddar bread pudding. Both new items will sell for $5. The truck parks daily on 55th btw. Lex+3rd.

At Lunch Now: Live Coverage of the Kogi BBQ/Dessert Truck Midtown Mash-Up

In what should be no surprise to anybody, the line at 11:40am is already stretching down the block for the Kogi BBQ truck’s first forray into NYC. For $4 you get a kimchi quesadilla from Kogi, along with the Dessert Truck’s famous chocolate mousse with peanut butter center. All proceeds benefit Citymeals-on-wheels, and there are only 200 servings. Line count right now… 65 and growing- and the truck doesn’t open until noon!

Keep checking back right here for live updates from the scene!

11:47 AM BLOCKBUSTER: Lee Anne Wong from season one of Top Chef is on hand to help dish out the food. Why you might ask? Because she is now the executive chef of east coast operations of Kogi BBQ and will be in charge of the first Kogi BBQ truck in New York.

Live updates after the jump!

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