Out With the Pies, In With the Cupcakes


  • great, now all of these SaTC fangirls are gonna overrun the place for overly priced, easily imitable cupcakes.

    do you think this has to do with how much GCT charges for rent? i always see them sell a decent amount of pies. can’t see why they can’t be profitable

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    GCT gets a percentage of revenue from each of it’s tenants. It’s in their best interest to phase out the unpopular crap and get someone who will charge up a storm.

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I didn’t even know that they had existed over there yet.

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    Let’s just hope murray’s stays in business over there. I give those guys business whenever I am in the area.

  • unpopular crap? they have the most awesome sour cream apple pie. and where is your proof that gct takes a percentage of revenue? because i have trouble believing that anything associated with the MTA would sign any contracts that involves a variable stream of income. i’m pretty sure they lease the space at a fixed rate.

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