Dessert Truck Returns to Midtown!!! (Sort of…)

Photo courtesy of Serious Eats: New York

Got a message today from the Dessert Truck, who lost the right to vend from their truck last month when their permit accidentally expired

“Wanted to give you the heads up… we are starting to sell our chocolate bread pudding today at Lily’s Bar in the Roger Smith Hotel (on 46th 47th and Lex). It will be available starting today around 1pm, and will be served exactly the same way as it was served from the truck, with the same “to go” option as before. It will sell for $6. This is the only dessert we will be offering for the time being.

Regarding our return, we are optimistic we will be back soon. We are currently negotiating the terms for a space.”

Nice… their “space” is most likely not going to be in Midtown, so it’s pretty awesome that they decided to do this. The chocolate bread pudding was actually my favorite…

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