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BREAKING: LA’s Kogi BBQ Korean Taco Truck Coming to Midtown on Monday!

If you haven’t heard of Kogi BBQ, the twittering Korean taco truck from L.A., go educate yourself. Then come back here for the greatest news of all time. As you know from our giveaway last week, Kogi is in town for the Citymeals-on-Wheels “Global Street Food” benefit on Monday night. Well, so many Midtown Lunch’ers (who couldn’t afford the $450 for charity ticket price) called to say how bummed they were, that Kogi has decided to come to Midtown for one hour on Monday. From Noon to 1pm, they’ll be serving a limited number of kimchee quesadillas a few items TBD (but probably not tacos b/c there are too many ingredients) from inside the Dessert Truck, who plan on being parked in their normal location (on 55th just East of Lexington). Things like this can always change at the last second, so check the Dessert Truck twitter feed, or the Kogi BBQ twitter feed before heading out. See you there!  UPDATE: There will be 200 servings of a Dessert Truck/Kogi BBQ duo plate available, $4 each, with all proceeds going to benefit Citymeals-on-Wheels.

Dessert Truck Intros New Ice Cream Topped Creation: Yesterday the Dessert Truck introduced this new item: Your choice of a Brownie or a Chocolate Chip Cookie served with a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, salted caramel and pretzel crunch. ($6)  Hello summer! You can find them on 55th btw. Lex+3rd (unless they post a change to their Twitter account.)

Dessert Truck’s Pavlova is Back: Starting today the Dessert Truck is bringing back their Pavlova dessert, with a few changs. This year it's meringue with a berry gelee and a whipped creme fraiche. Plus 50 cents of every order will be donated to Rolling Cones. The Dessert Truck can be found on 55th btw. Lex+3rd M-F Noon to 3pm, or you can follow them on Twitter.

Dessert Truck Brings Back Goat Cheese Cheesecake: Apparently it's "goat cheese season", so Dessert Truck sends word that starting today they're serving their goat cheese cheesecake again (it comes topped with a rosemary caramel and blackberries.)  The Dessert Truck can normally be found daily on Lex & 55th (or you can follow them on Twitter.)

Dessert Truck, Bon Chon, & Hallo Berlin Make Yelp’s Top 100: Yelp has created a checklist of the "100 Best Dishes Yelpers Ate in NYC in '08" and a bunch can be had right here in Midtown: Slow Baked Apples and Chocolate Molten Cake from the Dessert Truck, Fried chicken from Bon Chon Chicken, the double soul mix from Hallo Berlin, Pan-seared monkfish from Sosa Borella (on 8th btw. 50+51st), Truffle and parmesan french fries from Kobe Club (on 58th btw. 5+6th), and the Filet mignon with foie gras butter from Del Frisco’s (on 49th btw. 6+7th). Good luck getting through this list. (I don't think I can even afford getting through all 7 in Midtown.)

New Dessert Truck Panna Cotta Today: We briefly mentioned last week that the Dessert Truck would be adding a new dessert this week, and it looks like today is the day.  Jerome sends word via email: "We'll be introducing a dessert special starting today for lunch - a star anise panna cotta with caramelized pear and nutella brioche toast. It'll be on the menu for at least two weeks and then we'll see if it's a keeper for the rest of the cold season."

Dessert Truck Offering New Macaron & New Dessert: From Jerome, the chef of the Dessert Truck (which has been parking on Lex+55th):  "Starting tomorrow (2/27), we'll be offering a banana, coconut and milk chocolate macaroon.  We'll also be selling the last of our citrus ganache macaroons tomorrow. What we want to try to do is offer a new macaroon roughly every 4 weeks, and like the rest of our menu, it will be seasonal. On another note, we'll be adding a new dessert on Monday, March 2nd.  It'll involve pears, panna cotta and toast.  More details to come as we finalize it..."

Update: Dessert Truck Out of Commission Today, Maybe Tomorrow: Jerome, the chef of the Dessert Truck, checks in with this update to Friday's report: "We found out late last year that our old lunch spot (on Park & 52nd) was not legal for food vending so we had to move.  We're trying to stay in the same spot everyday for weekday lunch and 55th & Lex seems to be working's a decent location and it always seems that there's a spot open on the corner or at least close by.   Our lunch location is updated on our website the moment we arrive." UPDATE: (2/2 11:45AM) "We won't be opening today for lunch because the truck is still stuck at the mechanic and won't be out until later this afternoon.  This extremely frustrating for us and we hate letting down our loyal customers but it's one of the pitfalls of running a small mobile food business.  We do expect to be open for lunch tomorrow, but we're not holding our breath."

Dessert Truck is Back… But No Longer Staying in One Place


It appears as if the Dessert Truck has returned from their “winter break” but with one major change… they will no longer be in the same space every day. According to their website they “have new locations and hours” which will get posted to the site when they park wherever it is they are going to be. According to their website they still plan on being out Monday through Friday from Noon to 3pm, and on Wednesday it looks like they were in Midtown from Noon to 3pm at Lexington & 55th, but there is no mention of where they were yesterday and according to Blondie and Brownie returned to the same spot on Thursday.

I have to say this is kind of a bummer… one of the things I loved about the Dessert Truck is you always knew where to find them (unlike Rickshaw and the Wafels & Dinges Truck). And considering how much time they spent building up their spot on 52nd and Park, it’s kind of surprising they would give that up. That being said, it doesn’t change how kickass their desserts are… and if I have to go to different spots to score them, I’ll do what has to be done. Hopefully they’ll fire up their dormant twitter account to make it a little easier for us…

Dessert Truck Bests Flay; Throwdown Blamed on the “Internet”


The Dessert Truck’s Throwdown w/ Bobby Flay finally aired last night on the Food Network, and in what shouldn’t have been a shock to anyone, the Dessert Truck’s chocolate bread pudding with bacon creme anglaise was the winner!  The big surprise was actually when Bobby Flay claimed that the Throwdown wasn’t actually going to happen until it was posted on Midtown Lunch!  An amusing plot point for the episode, but fairly unlikely (as Life Vicarious proved that it was likely a Throwdown from the beginning.)  Whatever… I’ll take the publicity!  As for the Dessert Truck, which has been on hiatus since the end of last year, they are shooting for a January 26th return to their daytime spot on Park Ave. and 52nd.

Were there any Midtown Lunchers down in Union Square? Did you see yourself on TV?  Eat Me Daily has the video–>