BREAKING: LA’s Kogi BBQ Korean Taco Truck Coming to Midtown on Monday!

If you haven’t heard of Kogi BBQ, the twittering Korean taco truck from L.A., go educate yourself. Then come back here for the greatest news of all time. As you know from our giveaway last week, Kogi is in town for the Citymeals-on-Wheels “Global Street Food” benefit on Monday night. Well, so many Midtown Lunch’ers (who couldn’t afford the $450 for charity ticket price) called to say how bummed they were, that Kogi has decided to come to Midtown for one hour on Monday. From Noon to 1pm, they’ll be serving a limited number of kimchee quesadillas a few items TBD (but probably not tacos b/c there are too many ingredients) from inside the Dessert Truck, who plan on being parked in their normal location (on 55th just East of Lexington). Things like this can always change at the last second, so check the Dessert Truck twitter feed, or the Kogi BBQ twitter feed before heading out. See you there!  UPDATE: There will be 200 servings of a Dessert Truck/Kogi BBQ duo plate available, $4 each, with all proceeds going to benefit Citymeals-on-Wheels.


  • i’ve ignored the hype on kogi to this point as it seemed to far away to get excited, but if they are going to come here (and i don’t have to shell out $450), i just might have to check it out! thanx for the early heads-up, zach!

  • uh, that’s “toO far away,” of course.

  • Cool! But with only 200 servings? I don’t like the odds of getting served or the length of the possible line. HHmmmmm. It’s still worth the try though. Better than 450. ;P

  • That’s right down the block! I might brave the line to check it out…

  • I camped out here last night.

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    thought i’d never say this but “i wish i was in midtown so i could eat lunch there!”

    that being said, it’s going to be a total mob scene there. can’t wait to see the coverage!!

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    Hmmm….I may have to peek down the street to give this a shot. If theres a ridiculous line, forget about it.

  • Oh well. No kimchi quesadilla to be enjoyed. I got there too late. At least I didn’t wait on the insanely long line to be turned away. No way I could do lunch before Noon either to ensure I got it. Stiil, I think I would’ve missed out more if they were serving their famous tacos instead. I hope they pull up to serve tacos in NYC, have more than 200 servings (say 500? since people were apparently buying more than 1 then 200 ppl didn’t even get to enjoy it)), and stay around for a few hours. They’ll make their plane tickets back in LA in no time. Haha.

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