New Dessert Truck Panna Cotta Today

We briefly mentioned last week that the Dessert Truck would be adding a new dessert this week, and it looks like today is the day.  Jerome sends word via email: “We’ll be introducing a dessert special starting today for lunch – a star anise panna cotta with caramelized pear and nutella brioche toast. It’ll be on the menu for at least two weeks and then we’ll see if it’s a keeper for the rest of the cold season.”


  • i was not a big fan of the panna cotta – anyone else try it yet? i LOOOVE the slow baked apples dessert (i’ve had it approx 5 times) but found the panna cotta’s flavors off. pear was too sweet and panna cotta’s star anise just didn’t meld well in my opinion. saving grace was the nutella brioche thing. so yummy.

  • Holy. I think I just had a mini … anyway. Panna cotta for meee!

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