Dessert Truck Offering New Macaron & New Dessert

From Jerome, the chef of the Dessert Truck (which has been parking on Lex+55th):  “Starting tomorrow (2/27), we’ll be offering a banana, coconut and milk chocolate macaroon.  We’ll also be selling the last of our citrus ganache macaroons tomorrow. What we want to try to do is offer a new macaroon roughly every 4 weeks, and like the rest of our menu, it will be seasonal. On another note, we’ll be adding a new dessert on Monday, March 2nd.  It’ll involve pears, panna cotta and toast.  More details to come as we finalize it…”


  • wait – so the title says macarons (with one ‘o’) which I love. The quote says macaroons (with two ‘o’s) which I could care less for. Which is it?

  • was the first in line for the new macaron: tastes like banana pudding with a hint of chocolate. overall, for three at only $3, pretty amazing for the cost

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