Dessert Truck Bests Flay; Throwdown Blamed on the “Internet”


The Dessert Truck’s Throwdown w/ Bobby Flay finally aired last night on the Food Network, and in what shouldn’t have been a shock to anyone, the Dessert Truck’s chocolate bread pudding with bacon creme anglaise was the winner!  The big surprise was actually when Bobby Flay claimed that the Throwdown wasn’t actually going to happen until it was posted on Midtown Lunch!  An amusing plot point for the episode, but fairly unlikely (as Life Vicarious proved that it was likely a Throwdown from the beginning.)  Whatever… I’ll take the publicity!  As for the Dessert Truck, which has been on hiatus since the end of last year, they are shooting for a January 26th return to their daytime spot on Park Ave. and 52nd.

Were there any Midtown Lunchers down in Union Square? Did you see yourself on TV?  Eat Me Daily has the video–>


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