Update: Dessert Truck Out of Commission Today, Maybe Tomorrow

Jerome, the chef of the Dessert Truck, checks in with this update to Friday’s report: “We found out late last year that our old lunch spot (on Park & 52nd) was not legal for food vending so we had to move.  We’re trying to stay in the same spot everyday for weekday lunch and 55th & Lex seems to be working out…it’s a decent location and it always seems that there’s a spot open on the corner or at least close by.   Our lunch location is updated on our website the moment we arrive.”

UPDATE: (2/2 11:45AM) ”We won’t be opening today for lunch because the truck is still stuck at the mechanic and won’t be out until later this afternoon.  This extremely frustrating for us and we hate letting down our loyal customers but it’s one of the pitfalls of running a small mobile food business.  We do expect to be open for lunch tomorrow, but we’re not holding our breath.”

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  • Ahhh…I was wondering where the truck was when I was at 55th and Lex this afternoon. Boo mechanical problems

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