Eggstravaganza Cart Looking for a Lunchtime Spot


How upset were we to discover the Eggs Travaganza cart back in July (thanks to Serious Eats: New York), only to find out that they closed before lunchtime?  After all, there ain’t no shame in eating egg sandwiches or pancakes and bacon for lunch- right?  Yesterday, I stopped by just before Noon hoping to snag an early lunch- and find out if they had heard our cry for longer hours.

That’s lunch-ish, right!?! (Photo courtesy of Lunch’er Todd)

They were already closing up by 11:45am because of the heat, but the owners (the nicest brother and sister you’ll ever meet in your life) confirmed that they would love to stay open past noon if it weren’t for the cart that comes to park in that same spot for lunch. In fact, according to another ML commenter the lunchtime cart (our old friend Rafiqi’s) used to force them to leave by 8am, but it seems as if they’ve come to some sort of agreement that allows them to stay there until just before Noon.  Thankfully, Eggs Travaganza is still committed to serving Midtown Lunchers.  The brother said they are currently looking for another spot in Midtown, either to move to permanently, or to use as a post breakfast spot.  There’s even talk of a second cart…

I think I speak for everyone when I say, “yes please.”  In the meantime, you can hit up the cart for an early lunch on the NE corner of 52nd & Park. (Although, I’d recommend getting there by 11:30.  They were closing up by the time I got there yesterday at 11:45am.)

Rafiqi’s Tries To Intimidate New Mexican Cart From 49th Street


  • I hope they read this, if they’re thinking of a second cart, might I suggest the Financial District? Say, down on Water, maybe near Broad or Coenties Slip?

    Considering how desperate the Wall Streeters are for BBQ, I’m sure they’d like some good breakfast too :)

  • I had Eggs Cheese and Chorizo on a roll from them a few weeks ago… I vote AWESOME

  • They are great – had them 3 weeks in a row not too long ago. You know what – I’m going to buy a sandwich from them now…hopefully they still there. LOL.

    I was going to go this morning but just settled for pancakes in my office’s cafe.

    I hope they find a lunch spot too. Not in the Fin Dist though. Midtown East or West only.

  • take the old Kwik Meal IV spot! 37th and 6th!

  • Not midtown, but I vote Union Square or Flatiron. Those ‘hoods are HUNGRY!

    I’m also surprised that the Rafiqi’s cart doesn’t even set up until just before noon. I would hope that have their meat cooking for a while before serving it….

  • come to the spot on 52nd between 6th & 7th! no one is there except for Wafels & Dinges on weds!

  • @stevep – I think they set up earlier to the left of the Eggs Travaganza cart, but don’t force them to leave until just before lunch service starts.

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    zach, any word on bistro truck? I thought they were planning on being in midtown eventually.

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    I had the ‘especial’ yesterday morning. It’s $4.00…good stuff.

    If you order their version of McDonald’s big breakfast, be forewarned that it might take a while if there are other orders waiting.

  • @Sarah: Holy crap , I second that. That would be great since I am right at that corner. I will keep them in business singel handidly. That area is very deprived now for good quick breakfast.

  • and lunch! My vegetarian ass eats eggs all hours of the day! I had egg tacos last night! Lemme eat some egg burrito for lunches!!!

  • 6th in the 50′s would break up the monotony of all of the halal carts.

  • I’m eating a beef sausage, egg and cheese on a roll now with small coffee. Good deal for lunch. Only 3.75.
    The sister was there alone and first time she’s made the sandwich for me. Uusally only the brother mans the grill. Good stuff – I miss the chorizo but beef sausage is savory too.

    Seriously, this would be an awesome under $5 lunch. Egg Sandwich Cart in Midtown!!!! Rafiqis needs to get the F&#% out of that spot and make room for them at Lunch!

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    I had the chorizo, egg & cheese on a roll this morning and it is a work of genius. They are truly the nicest people.

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    As stated we do have that nice vacant spot on 37th and 6th. Be nice to be able to run there for breakfast in the morning…. Lunch too.

  • Why isn’t anyone punching those Rafiqi’s assholes in the face? The only time they are mentioned here is when they are intimidating/fighting/throwing food at other carts! I ate there once on my corner of 49th and 3rd, and the food SUCKED!
    Why are these douchebags who serve terrible food allowed to just multiply and mess with all the good carts (el rey del sabor/eggstravaganza/XPL/etc.)?
    Can we enforce a ML-wide boycott of these pricks please?

  • “Force them to leave”? How? I’ll stop here before I get PO’d again about sleazy aggressive cart owners.

  • the environs around 41st and Madison is in some need of a good cart.

  • chorizo egg and cheese on a roll was awesome. say yes to everything. hot sauce and i think ketchup were involved

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