Success! Dessert Truck’s Day 1 in Midtown Goes Off Without a Hitch


And for the first time in the history of Midtown street food, a cart/truck has found a spot on Day 1 without any trouble whatsoever. The Dessert Truck parked on Park Ave. btw. 51+52nd and sold delicious desserts for 4+ hours today without any hassles. No trouble from the cops. No trouble from other vendors (despite a Mister Softee Truck being parked two blocks away.) And no trouble finding customers. In fact, co-owner Chris told me that┬ásales today┬árivaled their regular nighttime business. Who said Midtown Lunchers wouldn’t want to stuff their faces with chocolate bread pudding on a Monday?!?

So, if everything goes as smoothly as it went today, The Dessert Truck will be parked in that same spot Monday-Friday 11:30 am to 4pm forrrrreverrrrrrrrr! Keep your fingers crossed…


  • oh f*ck yes. could you imagine the dessert possibilities if all the trucks got together on that block? a truck trifecta! if only they put rum in their mojitos, i’d be set for lunch from here to eternity.

  • I bet that honey in red with the hourglass figure will look like the heifer in the steak truck pic within 6 weeks.

  • It’s girlie food.

  • Black slacks in this heat? Bloody hell…


  • I was NOT impressed. $5 dollars for so-called gourmet desserts that tasted like they were made with cheap ingredients. The molten chocolate cake tasted like a melted Hershey’s bar and the creme brulee was just not that interesting.

  • oh, leave her alone. she’s with her loverboy, and he’s going to buy her some dessert for lunch, like a good man should.

  • Truly amazing desserts, at least taste-wise if not presentation-wise. Some of the best in the city, and I’ve had many.

  • Stopped by this truck down at Astor last night. Asked for the chocolate bread pudding, and I think they gave me the molten chocolate instead. Either way, it was just a cup of melted chocolate goop. Tasted fine but definitely didn’t make me want to go back, especially for $5 (plus a $1 tip).

  • Its true, the Dessert Truck is here and I just “re-checked” it out. Since I have had the bread pudding, molten chocolate cake and milk chocolate peanut butter mousse – I opted for the coconut tapioca which was excellent – not to be confused with tapioca pudding this is much lighter and suitable for a lunch time dessert. I only mention that because on eater there are numerous jackasses who complained that the Treat Truck Tapioca “was runny and wasn’t pudding at all!” – Ig’nant people.. Sigh.

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