Lenny’s Charges You Extra To Toast Your Bagel!?!

Blondie and Brownie discover another reason why Midtown chains suck. Lenny’s, which is not terrible (but should certainly not be at the top of any list for best lunch in Midtown), charges customers an extra 25 cents to have their bagels toasted.  Brownie is rightfully outraged: “WTF?! That’s down right unAmerican. Shouldn’t toasting be the inalienable right of a bagel buyer?” Agreed.

She goes on to ask if there are “other places in midtown where I can get a toasted bagel with olive and pimento cream cheese that won’t charge me to toast?” I don’t know about olive and pimento cream cheese (which could be considered an outrage in and of itself) but I know Times Square Hot Bagels (on 44th btw. 7+8th) is pretty good and has a crapload of different cream cheeses. Ess-a-Bagel (on 3rd btw. 50+51st) is also good, but that’s probably too far east for anybody who works in Rock Center (and they have some overcharging issues of their own.) Anybody else have bagel recommendations for the ladies? Put them in the comments…

Ess a Bagel and the Ultimate Case of “That’s how they getcha!”


  • Zaro’s does not charge to toast. Even more so, the one on 37th between 7th and Broadway likes to toast them without asking. I am not a cream cheese fan though, so I dont know about your options on that front.

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    Come on into Blake and Todd.. Fresh bagels, always toasted for free…

  • What an outrage. Charge to toast a bagel? Stupid overpriced Lenny’s. Another reason why Subway’s is better than them. LOL. I’m not much on the fancy cream cheeses so no clue. Look around and explore, try the market, or make your own…

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    Toasties on 51st St. has olive cream cheese, and I don’t believe they charge to toast.

  • Ugh thats ridiculous, if they are so hard up for cash then maybe they need to change bagel vendors and stop ordering from H&H Bagels and go low budget. Maybe bagels from Pepperidge Farms :)

    Times Square Hot Bagels has olive & pimento cream cheese but most other joints carry plain olive cc.

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    Really? You’d pay for a subway sandwich? Even though you only get three pieces of processed meat? Yet you get charged just about the same as any other deli serving more then that?

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    hey, subways is the first place that got me to eat a good amount of vegetables and like it so i still support their basically salad sandwiches!

  • Most delis in the city, especially in Midtown, will charge more than $5 for the meat-piled heroes. What kinda sandwiches have you been eating, Wiz? You get their fresh bread (while I’m not always a fan of but still enjoy), and cheese, lettuce and tomato (which delis will charge you extra for) along with other vegs. Will $5 even get your half a decent hero sandwich? Subway’s all the way…..for a cheap sandwich.

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    for $2 more I can go to just about any midtown deli and get a loaded sandwich… I dont know that I’d call Subways even a half decent sandwich… Maybe it’s half decent if you tell them to put EVERY filler they have… I mean think about it… you gotta get lettuce, tomato, olives, pickles, sweet peppers, hot peppers, and whatever else there is if theres more… Then it LOOKS like a decent sandwich until you take a bite and you realize you ordered a salad on bread. Order one with nothing but meat and most would agree that it just pales in comparison to a $7-8 sandwich.

  • Of course, meat alone wouldn’t make a good sandwich. It’s a cheap sandwich and nothing more. I don’t fill mine up with ALL the fillers at all though. Just cheese, L&T and pickles. No need to salad up my hero like others.

    $7-8 for a full loaded hero? I highly doubt it. You probably mean a decent meat-pile on a puny little roll for 7-8. Plus these delis couldn’t be giving you mountains of meat or they’d go broke no matter how processed their meats are. I do agree the meat quality and quantity isn’t great at Subway’s. However, the footlong bread can fill you up quicker than meat alone. If I can get full at $5, why pay $7-8 for a puny sandwich on roll. For a better HERO, you’re probably paying minimum 10-11+ like at Lenny’s.

  • RE: “WTF?! That’s down right unAmerican. Shouldn’t toasting be the inalienable right of a bagel buyer?”

    EVERY damn time I try to get up off the floor after one of my ROFLMAO seizures (brought on by New Yawk City folks’ antics), a story like this bagel-toasting-atrocity-in-the-making comes along.

    And where do I end up? Back on the floor LMAO. GAWD, I love it!

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  • @nopickles, giants, jess, and StreetMeasOnsumer3008: Thanks for the bagel tips! Zaro’s is my go to when I’m commuting to my parents’ place via GTC. I love their salty lox spread and they make a pretty good bagel. I’ll have to give the other places a try.

  • I guess anyone married to Hogzilla and living in abject poverty in deep rural Arkansas deserves a laugh every now and then

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