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Bagel Express: Checking Out Your 2013 Pick For Midtown’s Best Bagels

Last week, we announced that you voted Bagel Express as having the best bagels in Midtown in 2013, so it seems a shame that while we’ve reviewed their rotisserie chicken, we’ve never actually reviewed their bagels. Let’s fix that.

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Hot Jumbo Bagels Makes A Terrific Bagel & Lox Sandwich

I realized when I was writing the breakfast for lunch post that we haven’t mentioned longtime east side resident Hot Jumbo Bagels, a favorite of mine from when I once upon a time lived on east 56th street. Although 2nd avenue is out of bounds, it is worth the walk, especially with the weather the way it is these days.

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SHOCKER: Vic’s Bagel Bar Is Better Than Ess A Bagel

Vic's Bagel Bar

A few weeks ago, we reported that Vic’s Bagel Bar (on 3rd Ave. btw. 36+37th) had opened and was offering Midtown bagel lovers the option to customize their cream cheese (Cold Stone Creamery style.) Curiosity always gets the best of me, so of course I had to return to try one of their bagel monstrosities… the Backyard BBQ. Read more »

Newly Open Vic’s Bagel Bar Is Like The Cold Stone Creamery Of Bagel Shops

Vic's Bagel Bar

I just grabbed breakfast from the Dag Hammarskjold farmers market this morning (on 47th and 2nd) when I passed by the newly opened Vic’s Bagel Bar (on 3rd Ave. btw. 36+37th). I love bagels, and can’t walk past a “Grand Opening” banner without wondering what I’m missing, so I snuck into the Pinkberry’ish looking space to grab a menu. It turns out they will freshly smash strawberries or olives or scallions, etc. into cream cheese right in front of you! (Cold Stone creamery anybody?) I’ll be heading back later to try their signatures, like the $6.50 (eek.) “Backyard BBQ bagel” which includes corn, cheddar, BBQ sauce, and red onion in cream cheese on whatever bagel you want. I”m pretty sure Zach would have hated this flavored cream cheese crap (he’s a bagel purist), but if it tastes awesome then I say long live Vic’s!

Check out the menu of mix-in monstrosities, after the jump.

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Times Square Hot Bagels Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese Fail

Bagel with Times Square Hot Bagels Bacon & Cheddar Cream Cheese

Ever since the Lenny’s toasting surcharge debacle, I’ve been following fellow Midtown Luncher giants’ tip and getting my bagels with cream cheese from Times Square Hot Bagels.  They make pretty solid bagels and I appreciate their lack of surcharge drama–they don’t even charge you extra for egg whites!–and their variety of cream cheeses.  The other day I decided to deviate from my standard order to try the bacon & cheddar cream cheese.  I love bacon.  I love cheddar.  I love cream cheese.  How could that triple threat not make for a big time win?

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Times Sq. Hot Bagel Gets Thumbs Up From Brownie

Based on our recommendation a few weeks ago, half of the duo that makes up Blondie and Brownie hit up Times Square Hot Bagels (on 44th btw. 7+8th) for a breakfast sandwich. She discovered that for $3.50 you can get a “sizeable breakfast” and they won’t even charge you extra for toasting your bagel (or for egg whites.)

Lenny’s Charges You Extra To Toast Your Bagel!?!

Blondie and Brownie discover another reason why Midtown chains suck. Lenny’s, which is not terrible (but should certainly not be at the top of any list for best lunch in Midtown), charges customers an extra 25 cents to have their bagels toasted.  Brownie is rightfully outraged: “WTF?! That’s down right unAmerican. Shouldn’t toasting be the inalienable right of a bagel buyer?” Agreed.

She goes on to ask if there are “other places in midtown where I can get a toasted bagel with olive and pimento cream cheese that won’t charge me to toast?” I don’t know about olive and pimento cream cheese (which could be considered an outrage in and of itself) but I know Times Square Hot Bagels (on 44th btw. 7+8th) is pretty good and has a crapload of different cream cheeses. Ess-a-Bagel (on 3rd btw. 50+51st) is also good, but that’s probably too far east for anybody who works in Rock Center (and they have some overcharging issues of their own.) Anybody else have bagel recommendations for the ladies? Put them in the comments…

Ess a Bagel and the Ultimate Case of “That’s how they getcha!”

Bruegger’s CEO Responds to Midtown Lunch’ers

You guys had a lot to say about the news that Bruegger’s bagels was planning on opening stores in Manhattan… and the CEO has responded in the comments: “I am the CEO of Bruegger’s and would like to respond. As for research, these comments confirmed our the work we did – Manhattanites are very opinionated about bagels. This is why we are not looking to displace your local favorites by entering neighborhood locations. (Though I am familiar with H&H and Ess-a-bagel and am not conceding that they are better.) As for our product we make our own fresh dough, boil and bake in each location in small batches so the bagels are fresh and hot. Our bagels have won “best of” awards year after year in cities across the country. We don’t believe bagels (or, for that matter, any food) should be “oversized”. We pride ourselves on offering healthy, wholesome food, in a warm, inviting atmospere with great guest service. And while we are known for our bagels we offer much more – sandwiches and paninis , hearty soups, fresh tossed salads, organic and fair trade coffee and desserts. Though we are new to Manhattan we have over 30 locations in New York State. We hope we will be as welcomed in Manhattan.”

When you guys speak, rich important people listen!

Bruegger’s Bagels Looks Towards New York City: According to NRN, the Bruegger's Bagel chain is looking to open 15 locations in NYC, starting with a location in Midtown near Times Square. I guess there aren't a ton of bagel places in Midtown (Ess-a-Bagel and Times Square Hot Bagels are the only two that come to mind), but it still seems like a weird business move.  Anybody ever tried this place? Where do you get your Midtown bagel fix? [NRN via Wined & Dined]