The ML Guide to Breakfast Sandwiches For Lunch

Sometimes all I want for lunch … is breakfast. Surprisingly, finding a good breakfast sandwich in the afternoon can be challenging, because many places stop making eggs at 11am. It makes me nuts. So, in case you’re like me, and you need some standby egg-making lunch spots in your back pocket, here are some of my go-tos.

Eggs & cheddar on an everything bagel at Times Square Hot Bagel

If you want literal breakfast for lunch, this is a good egg and cheese sandwich. Why? The eggs. Unlike a lot of breakfast joints that ladle some eggbeaters (blech!) onto the flattop, here you get 2 real cracked and scrambled eggs, sandwiched by two slices of cheddar, sandwiched again by a toasted everything bagel. You’d think some salt or pepper would be necessary, but no: the “everything” on the everything bagel provides all the seasoning you need. Plus, at just $4, you can’t go wrong with the price at lunchtime.

Roasted mushroom frittata sandwich at ‘wichcraft

The roasted mushroom frittata sandwich ($6.88) comes with spinach, shallots and aged cheddar on a ciabatta roll. The veggies are savory and the aged cheddar adds a mild bite that regular cheddar can lack. I watched how they constructed the sandwich and was particularly impressed at the use of the salamander — that’s how they warmed up the frittata and melted the cheese on the roll. It’s worth the couple minutes extra, trust me. While I don’t enjoy their tomato soup ($4.59) on its own, it really does shine as something in which to dip the sandwich. Unfortunately, the soup pushes you over the ML limit, making this idea a splurge.

Pavia sandwich at City Sandwich

If you’re looking for a breakfast sandwich that feels almost good for you, head to City Sandwich for the Pavia ($8.25). Egg whites, spinach, melted brie (ok, maybe not that good for you), sauteed onions and tomatoes together create a well-constructed sandwich that tastes balanced and feels light, even though it’s a big sammie. I suggest splurging for some sauce, like the basil pesto yogurt sauce ($.75), which will add an extra herby tang without weighing you down with lots of oil. Of course, if you need something more serious than egg whites, City Sandwich offers plenty of other options that include different kinds of sausage.

Unda rolls at Kati Roll

I’ll admit it, I don’t immediately think of kati rolls when considering breakfast items, but actually, the Unda roll ($3.50 each, or 2 for $6) at Kati Roll is a perfect breakfast-for-lunch option. The freshly beaten egg with some red onions wrapped up in a warm paratha becomes a wonderful meal that is definitely reminiscent of breakfast. Need something a little more substantial? Order the Unda Aloo roll ($5.50 each, or 2 for $10), which includes spicy potatoes in the wrap as well. Or, snag one of each!

Got a favorite of your own that wasn’t included in this list? ¬†Feel free to suggest it in the comments…

Times Square Hot Bagels, 200 W 44th St (btw. 7+8th), 212-997-7300
‘wichcraft, multiple locations
City Sandwich, 649 Ninth Ave (btw. 45+46th), 646-684-3916
Kati Roll, 49 W. 39th St. (btw. 5+6th), 212-730-4280


  • Great post Rachel. I’m a huge fan of eating breakfast not at breakfast. A favor, can you add the locations of each above?

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    You can get pork roll (or taylor ham, depending on how you pronounce it) egg & cheese at Starlite Deli on 44th St. between 8th and Broadway ALLLLLLL day.

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    this is the ml post i’ve been waiting for.

    also i’d add johny’s luncheonette on 25th between 6th and 7th…pancakes and eggs and hasbrowns and cozy breakfast food all day.

  • I feel like only the surface has been scratched with this (great) concept. True, if you want the literal breakfast for lunch, any dedicated bagel deli will make it. You can probably even get it at a Toasties / Lenny’s (I cant confirm). But aside from Wafels & Dinges, what about places we can score pancakes/french toast/waffels. mmmmmm

  • Since when is this site about interesting lunches that can be found in midtown for under $10 ?

    And not from a cart or truck …. added bonus.

    All we’re missing is a post from beyond from Rudy, a rant from Cockchug and we can party like it’s 2006

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    Don’t assume that because something comes out of a carton that it’s “eggbeaters” and not real eggs. Artificial egg replacements are generally more expensive than the genuine thing, and foodservice supply companies will gladly sell a carton of real eggs that have been liquefied in the name of convenience.

    Hand-cracked eggs are still likely to be fresher, plus you get that differentiation of white and yolk that makes a cooked egg interesting.

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