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Taste A Real Portuguese Sweet at Pastel de Crema inside City Sandwich

Last year, I was lucky enough to travel to Portugal for vacation (and lots of eating). One of the most ubiquitious dishes I discovered is the pastel de nata. This is basically a sweet egg custard tart topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. It’s served all over Portugal as breakfast, dessert, or a snack with an espresso.

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Video Break: Hungry For Halloween Blood at City Sandwich

We said we weren’t going to post today (since probably none of you will be eating lunch out in Midtown), but we thought this might be a fun exception for you to enjoy while you’re home, bored out of your mind, waiting for this impending hurricane. Although Sandy has overshadowed Halloween this year, we still thought we’d celebrate by making a video about a terrifying blood dish. So, with Clay’s help, I enlisted a mysterious luncher to join me in sampling City Sandwich’s morcilla (blood sausage) sandwich. Check it out after the jump…

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The ML Guide to Breakfast Sandwiches For Lunch

Sometimes all I want for lunch … is breakfast. Surprisingly, finding a good breakfast sandwich in the afternoon can be challenging, because many places stop making eggs at 11am. It makes me nuts. So, in case you’re like me, and you need some standby egg-making lunch spots in your back pocket, here are some of my go-tos.

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Get Free Breakfast At City Sandwich This Morning: Once again City Sandwich (on 9th Ave. btw. 45+46th) is giving away free food in conjunction with their LevelUp program. This time, it's breakfast (up to $10 value) from now until 10am. All you have to do is pay with the LevelUp app, and the free breakfast is yours...

Free Lunch At City Sandwich Today: In honor of their new loyalty program, City Sandwich (on 9th Ave. btw. 45+46th) will be giving away free lunch today. Details are on the City Sandwich Facebook page, but apparently all you have to do is download the Level Up app for iPhone and Android, and swing by the store. Plus, they seem to have updated their menu. Freeloaders, prepare to engage!

City Sandwich’s Morcella Sandwich is Bloody Good

City Sandwich Nuno sandwich

A few months ago, City Sandwich introduced me to trio of sandwiches which are playfully named after friends and family of the owner, Michael Guerrieri. However, up until now, I failed to familiarize myself with the ‘Nuno’ sandwich ($8.95) which is an inspired concoction of morcella (blood sausage), broccoli rabe, mozzarella, and other fixin’s, scrunched between City Sandwich’s superbly crusty and fresh sandwich rolls. Over at the Village Voice, Robert Sietsema was “knocked out” by this sandwich, and I’m inclined to agree – it’s texturally a perfect sandwich, and brims with flavor from the appealingly pungent morcella, earthy greens and creamy cheese. I would certainly encourage Midtown Lunchers to acquaint themselves with this tasty and deceptively fancy sandwich (even thought it’s technically one avenue out of bounds.)

City Sandwich Brings Portuguese Awesomeness to Midtown West

City Sandwich Front

I first got word of a new Portuguese inspired café, unassumingly named “City Sandwich” (on 9th Ave btw 45+46th St) via Eater this week. With the temporary incapacitation of Xie Xie, there is again a sore gap in Hells Kitchen for ethnic sandwiches, so ‘Portuguese sandwiches’ required immediate investigation.

There’s a lot to like about the humble honesty of this place – whether it’s the inviting Ikea-esque décor, their quirky mantra of “No Mayonnaise” (they prefer yogurt), or their kaleidoscopic menu of soups, salads, and 20 different sandwiches, each playfully named after a friend or family member of the Chef/Owner. Lest we not judge a book by its cover, underneath this demure appearance is some serious cooking and ambitious food… well worth traveling a bit out of bounds for.

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