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Ben & Jerry’s To Take Over Times Square Hot Bagel Space

About six months ago, Times Square Hot Bagel lost their lease leaving Midtown West sad and bagel-less. The space has seen little action since then, but this week a Ben & Jerry’s sign appeared over the space on 44th street, just west of Times Square. While it doesn’t make up for the lack of a great egg-and-cheese-on-an-everything in the area, but if you were one of those people who were super bummed when the Ben & Jerry’s on 43rd & 8th closed a few years back this is a small consolation.  It will also hopefully makes the lines shorter at Rock Center on free cone day!

It’s Official: Times Square Hot Bagels Has Closed

A couple of weeks ago we found out the sad news that Times Square would be losing its bagel haven only bagel spot, Times Square Hot Bagels. I’ve been out of the country for the past couple of weeks but returned to Midtown to see that the inevitable occurred in my absence. Times Square Hot Bagels has closed. This is so very sad, as there aren’t any other bagel-specific shops in the area. See the note posted on the door from the manager after the jump.
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Times Square Hot Bagels To Close In Two Weeks

After 12 years in Times Square, Times Square Hot Bagel will soon close its doors. Citing high rent, the bagel shop on 44th street, just west of Broadway will shutter in two weeks. I’m in a mild state of shock over the news … I work across the street and can’t tell you how many times this little bagel shop has come to my rescue with an egg-and-cheese-on-a-toasted-everything the morning after late nights in the office. Just today, the tiny storefront was jam-packed with New Yorkers and tourists alike looking for breakfast. Thanks to Lunch’er Wendy for the tip.

Times Square Hot Bagels, 200 W 44th St (btw. 7+8th), 212-997-7300

The ML Guide to Breakfast Sandwiches For Lunch

Sometimes all I want for lunch … is breakfast. Surprisingly, finding a good breakfast sandwich in the afternoon can be challenging, because many places stop making eggs at 11am. It makes me nuts. So, in case you’re like me, and you need some standby egg-making lunch spots in your back pocket, here are some of my go-tos.

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Times Square Hot Bagels Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese Fail

Bagel with Times Square Hot Bagels Bacon & Cheddar Cream Cheese

Ever since the Lenny’s toasting surcharge debacle, I’ve been following fellow Midtown Luncher giants’ tip and getting my bagels with cream cheese from Times Square Hot Bagels.  They make pretty solid bagels and I appreciate their lack of surcharge drama–they don’t even charge you extra for egg whites!–and their variety of cream cheeses.  The other day I decided to deviate from my standard order to try the bacon & cheddar cream cheese.  I love bacon.  I love cheddar.  I love cream cheese.  How could that triple threat not make for a big time win?

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Times Sq. Hot Bagel Gets Thumbs Up From Brownie

Based on our recommendation a few weeks ago, half of the duo that makes up Blondie and Brownie hit up Times Square Hot Bagels (on 44th btw. 7+8th) for a breakfast sandwich. She discovered that for $3.50 you can get a “sizeable breakfast” and they won’t even charge you extra for toasting your bagel (or for egg whites.)