Times Square Hot Bagels Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese Fail

Bagel with Times Square Hot Bagels Bacon & Cheddar Cream Cheese

Ever since the Lenny’s toasting surcharge debacle, I’ve been following fellow Midtown Luncher giants’ tip and getting my bagels with cream cheese from Times Square Hot Bagels.  They make pretty solid bagels and I appreciate their lack of surcharge drama–they don’t even charge you extra for egg whites!–and their variety of cream cheeses.  The other day I decided to deviate from my standard order to try the bacon & cheddar cream cheese.  I love bacon.  I love cheddar.  I love cream cheese.  How could that triple threat not make for a big time win?

As promising as this combo sounded, the cream cheese itself was almost entirely lacking in flavor.  No smokey bacon overtones.    The “bacon” itself was tiny pieces of what on further inspection appeared to be rehydrated Bac~Os.  And despite the presence of orange “cheese bits” the cream cheese didn’t have any sharp cheddar bite.

I do believe that bacon and cheddar cream cheese has the possibility of being a delicious reason to get up in the morning (or indulge in a lunchtime bagel), but trust me, Times Square Hot Bagels is not the place for you to test this hypothesis.   The $3.15 you’d pay for a bagel with bacon and cheddar cream cheese here could instead buy you a bagel with any of a number of their specialty spreads–olive and pimento, lox spread, and vegetable to name a few.  So as tempting as bacon cheddar cream cheese might sound, go for one of the other flavors instead.

Times Square Hot Bagels, 200 W 44th St (btw. 7+8th), 212-997-7300


  • what is this Midtown Breakfast?

    i had shredded wheat today so its not very blogworthy.

  • Is that a weddin’ ring?

  • somebody’s jealous!

  • Sad to hear that bacon + cheese = FAIL. Well, Bacos + cheez-bits.

    Rice krispies today for me.

  • I couldn’t agree more, anyone know where I can find real bacon cheddar cream chesse in Midtown? There’s a place in Bay Ridge that make it great but unfortunately I no longer live in that area.

  • I realize this is far from Midtown, but I do believe The Bagel Store in Williamsburg makes a really amazing bacon cheddar cream cheese. Someone brought their bagels and a tub of said cream cheese to brunch and lordy was that cc amazing.

  • Midtown Breakfast = genius! Help us find a decent bagel in midtown, and an egg white sandwich that doesn’t cost over $5! I’d appreciate more breakfast posts.

    I’ve been to Hot Bagels before, early on a Saturday and the workers were mindblowingly slow (they have those slow, ineffective toasters that take two go arounds to get any sort of color on the bagel) and the bagels were kinda styrofoamy too. maybe it was just a fluke. I’ve also been spoiled by too many Nussbaum & Wu bagels, so there’s that.

    and since we’re all sharing – grapefruit half, fried egg with cheese on an english muffin, coffee, OJ.

  • @ crumbhunter you can get an egg white sandwich for under $5 at Metro deli on 41st right off b’way. They also offer bacon & egg or Sausage, egg and chesse for $2.

  • Ohhh healthy *and* delicious! very nice, Crumb Hunter. Oatmeal, hold the sardines here. I support midtown breakfast. I have a hot tip, too.

  • D – thanks! I should have clarified somewhere close to my job. unfortunately I’m in the thick of Touristville and the prices are jacked up accordingly.

    I do tend to eat at home since it’s cheaper & healthier (thanks Sarah!) so maybe I should NOT know about good deals regarding bacon. sigh. stupid health.

  • I really enjoy Times Square Hot Bagels. I’ve enjoyed their Garlic bagels with Lox Cream Cheese as well as their Egg Salad on a bagel on many ocassions.

  • @D. that’s a nice tip for me though! I’m on 35th and 6th, so the question is how bad will my hangover be tomorrow? Bad enough where I need an egg and cheese, but am still willing to walk 6 blocks for a good deal? We’ll see.

  • I thought Sarah was a vegetarian

  • I need to put in a shout out to Times Square Hot Bagels as a very solid option in the a.m…… dunno about the bacon & cheese spread since that sounds awful on the surface to me, but the other spreads I’ve had are pretty good, & I’ve been going 3-4 days a week for years.

    Also bagel sandwiches under $5 (tuna & chicken salad) & solid homestyle cookies that my coworkers always ask me where I got them when enjoying.
    You should plotz……

  • @ Fred, I’m not vegan! I eat eggs and cheese– I do take some joy in life!

  • A vegetarian that eats Bacon though? LOL.

  • Haha. I know you meant egg & cheese only. Opps.
    Brownie is the bacon cheddar cream cheese.
    Way to check my mind out before the work-day ends…

  • With the exception of the Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese episode, I’ve definitely been pleased with Times Square Hot Bagels overall. I usually go in the morning after I get settled in at work or later in the afternoon, and I’ve been fortunate not to run into the slowness issue.

    I’m a big fan of breakfast (and breakfast for lunch) and also a cheapskate, so I appreciate anywhere that will sell me an egg white and cheese sandwich in the afternoon.

    @Fred: yup. I’m off the market. :)

    @Crumbhunter and Sarah: Times Square Hot Bagels actually makes a really solid egg white, cheese and bagel sandwich for $3.50. You can ask for cheddar instead of American, if that’s your thing and they don’t charge you extra. I did that for awhile until I realized that I prefered the melty goo of the American cheese product…

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