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Vic’s Bagel Bar is Being Replaced By Bagel Boss Cafe

In November, jenjfen posted news that the beloved Vic’s Bagel Bar (3rd between 36th and 37th) had closed. As reported by a Midtown Luncher, the black trash bags that used to cover the windows have been replaced by paper from Bagel Boss Cafe. Bagel Boss Cafe has another location on 1st ave, down by Stuyvesant Town, that tends to get pretty packed in the mornings. They may not have the fancy mix-ins or smoked meat that Vic’s was known for, but I’m happy to see that there will be no shortage of bagels in the neighborhood. Vic’s is a tough act to follow, but Bagel Boss has been around a while and I imagine they know what they’re doing.

Another Midtown Bagel Shop Bites the Dust?

In 2010, Vic’s Bagel Bar was heralded as the Cold Stone Creamery of bagels with its sweet and savory mix-ins, and declared better than Ess A Bagel. But less than three years later, a Midtown Luncher reported that Vic’s appeared to be closed. When we went to check out the scene… the windows had indeed been covered by black trash bags. A delivery truck worker on the scene said he noticed the shop had been closed for at least a week. We were unable to reach the restaurant via phone, and their twitter feed showed little activity for the past few weeks.  This is just more bad news for the Midtown bagel scene, coming so soon after the closing of Times Square Hot Bagels. If anyone knows the inside scoop about Vic’s Bagel Bar, please let us know!

Mile End Smoked Meat & Stumptown Now Available at Vic’s Bagel Bar!

I’d heard about Montreal smoked meat sandwiches but I didn’t know much about them nor had I ever been in the vicinity of one, much less eaten one. It sounds (and looks) like something I’d enjoy immensely though. Cured and smoked meat, mustard, bread. All things I like. So when we were tipped that Vic’s Bagel Bar (3rd btw. 36+37th) was now carrying meats from Mile End Deli, a Brooklyn establishment known for authentic Montreal smoked meat, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try this north-of-the-border specialty.
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50% off Vic's Bagel Bar: Have you been curious about the Cold Stone Creamery-esque craziness of Vic's Bagel Bar (on 3rd btw. 36+37th)?  Well here's good motivation to go check it out... use this deal of the day coupon to get $10 worth of food from Vic's, for just $5.

SHOCKER: Vic’s Bagel Bar Is Better Than Ess A Bagel

Vic's Bagel Bar

A few weeks ago, we reported that Vic’s Bagel Bar (on 3rd Ave. btw. 36+37th) had opened and was offering Midtown bagel lovers the option to customize their cream cheese (Cold Stone Creamery style.) Curiosity always gets the best of me, so of course I had to return to try one of their bagel monstrosities… the Backyard BBQ. Read more »

Newly Open Vic’s Bagel Bar Is Like The Cold Stone Creamery Of Bagel Shops

Vic's Bagel Bar

I just grabbed breakfast from the Dag Hammarskjold farmers market this morning (on 47th and 2nd) when I passed by the newly opened Vic’s Bagel Bar (on 3rd Ave. btw. 36+37th). I love bagels, and can’t walk past a “Grand Opening” banner without wondering what I’m missing, so I snuck into the Pinkberry’ish looking space to grab a menu. It turns out they will freshly smash strawberries or olives or scallions, etc. into cream cheese right in front of you! (Cold Stone creamery anybody?) I’ll be heading back later to try their signatures, like the $6.50 (eek.) “Backyard BBQ bagel” which includes corn, cheddar, BBQ sauce, and red onion in cream cheese on whatever bagel you want. I”m pretty sure Zach would have hated this flavored cream cheese crap (he’s a bagel purist), but if it tastes awesome then I say long live Vic’s!

Check out the menu of mix-in monstrosities, after the jump.

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