Vic’s Bagel Bar is Being Replaced By Bagel Boss Cafe

In November, jenjfen posted news that the beloved Vic’s Bagel Bar (3rd between 36th and 37th) had closed. As reported by a Midtown Luncher, the black trash bags that used to cover the windows have been replaced by paper from Bagel Boss Cafe. Bagel Boss Cafe has another location on 1st ave, down by Stuyvesant Town, that tends to get pretty packed in the mornings. They may not have the fancy mix-ins or smoked meat that Vic’s was known for, but I’m happy to see that there will be no shortage of bagels in the neighborhood. Vic’s is a tough act to follow, but Bagel Boss has been around a while and I imagine they know what they’re doing.


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    I live out in LI and IMO Bagel Boss is good, but not great.

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    I live by and go to the 1st ave location. The staff and owner are very nice but I only go there when the better bagel place (David’s Bagels) has a really long line. Bagel quality definitely is not as high as Vic’s, but it is not bad.

  • my main problem with bagel boss is that it’s kosher, or at least the one near me on long island is, so you can’t get a bacon, egg, and cheese. besides that, the bagels are pretty good and i’ve enjoyed some of their non bagel items like blintzes and cupcakes.

  • I tried Bagel Boss today and I thought it was pretty good. (Moment of silence for Vic’s mix your own cream cheese bar.)

    I got honey mustard tuna salad on a sesame bagel. The bagel was not as good as Vic’s, but still good, especially for this area where people bring in Guy & Gallard crap to work all the time. I liked the tuna salad, which was yellow but didn’t have a very strong honey mustard flavor. The side I got was Israeli salad: tomato, cucumber, red onion, green and yellow bell peppers with olive oil. Very fresh tasting. They have several options of tuna salads and side salads, but yes, they are kosher so no meat (only dairy, egg and fish).

    I also got a cherry cheese blintz. The blintz was overdone on the bottom (dark brown) but there was a ton of delicious cheese filling and it was just the right amount of sweet.

    Together my lunch came to $9.90 (no drink). I was not disappointed with the amount of food, although Vic’s was a slightly better deal.

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