Another Midtown Bagel Shop Bites the Dust?

In 2010, Vic’s Bagel Bar was heralded as the Cold Stone Creamery of bagels with its sweet and savory mix-ins, and declared better than Ess A Bagel. But less than three years later, a Midtown Luncher reported that Vic’s appeared to be closed. When we went to check out the scene… the windows had indeed been covered by black trash bags. A delivery truck worker on the scene said he noticed the shop had been closed for at least a week. We were unable to reach the restaurant via phone, and their twitter feed showed little activity for the past few weeks.  This is just more bad news for the Midtown bagel scene, coming so soon after the closing of Times Square Hot Bagels. If anyone knows the inside scoop about Vic’s Bagel Bar, please let us know!


  • Nooooo! I’m so sorry to hear this. I really liked how many types of mix-ins they had – it made it much easier to make a bagel and cream cheese stretch to a full lunch. Jalapenos and green olives… yum.

    I’m going to have to go back to walking up to 8th for Brooklyn Bagel Co. Lame.

  • There were construction guys doing work on it on the inside today, perhaps a remodel?

    • I still think this needs to be investigated further. I don’t think they’re closed and out of business. I walk past there every morning and noticed that the diner on the corner to it’s left and the pizza place to its right are also closed and bordered up with trash bags and cardboard in the windows. I think something may have happened to the building.

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    She was the only one who thought Vics remotely compared to Ess-a-bagel. I certainly don’t think so, and nobody else I’ve spoken to even puts them in the same ballpark. Ess-a-bagel is world-class.

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    Daniels is about a block away. Better bagles and significantly cheaper.

  • I live near Vics and Daniels but never saw them with the “out the door” lines like they have at either of the Ess-A-Bagels. With so many people willing to wait on the lines at Ess-A-Bagel, they must be doing something right. Which reminds me, I will be on the line first thing tomorrow morning (Saturday) at the 3rd Ave. location for my weekly fix of Nova Scotia lox, plain cream cheese and 2 slices of thinly sliced tomatoes on a hot, scooped out plain bagel- never toasted.

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    Their Facebook page is down too. Looks like they’re probably closed, not renovating.

  • Definitely closed. I walked by today and saw the “For Rent – No Brokers” sign in the window. Sad.

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