Bagel Express: Checking Out Your 2013 Pick For Midtown’s Best Bagels

Last week, we announced that you voted Bagel Express as having the best bagels in Midtown in 2013, so it seems a shame that while we’ve reviewed their rotisserie chicken, we’ve never actually reviewed their bagels. Let’s fix that.

I stopped by one morning and ordered an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese. It cost $2.50 plus tax – a bit pricey, but worth it, in my opinion, because this is a proper bagel. It’s got a crispy crust and has the right amount of chewiness, so your jaw won’t be sore after eating it. The everything includes sunflower seeds, which I hadn’t had on a bagel before, but they were a nice addition.

The scallion cream cheese was great, simply said. Normally, I get butter on my bagel (only Breakstone’s whipped will do), but this stuff might convince me to change teams. It’s got a ton of flavor, and even has a slight green color. I imagine it’d go great with some smoked salmon.

While I was buying my bagel, I noticed that they also sold something called ‘scooper melts’. Essentially, it’s a bagel that’s scooped out and stuffed with different meats and cheeses, then toasted. Now, I know it’s sacrilege for any Luncher to ruin a bagel like that, but it sounded interesting, so I got one for lunch.

Bagel Express serves a variety of scooper melts, each selling for $6.99. Each comes with a pickle and small bag of chips. I got the California, which comes with grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, Swiss cheese, and ranch dressing. I don’t know why, but the cheese and dressing are low fat. Maybe they figure people watching their weights will go for the scoopers? Anyway, they still tasted good, so that’s what matters.

The crispy toasted bagel, lacking the chewy innards, actually went well with the copious fillings. The chicken was moist had a smoky, grilled flavor. Bacon, cheese, and ranch dressing, of course, taste good on anything. The avocado was warm because the sandwich gets toasted. It’s odd, but the avocado still tasted good and offered some nice creaminess. It was a good, standard sandwich made better by a good bagel. Some say they’re the best in Midtown.

Bagel Express, 347 Lexington Ave (btw. 39th+40th St.), (212) 286-8887


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    I know it’s off topic, but the Comme Ci Comme Ca Truck had to move to 55th Street because of two new trucks: La Taqueria (I think) and Chipsy King. Has anyone heard of/tried them?

    • I saw La Gringa Taqueria earlier this week for the first time in midtown, but they were on 51st, between Lex and Park. Good to see they’re playing nice with the established trucks and really ensuring they’ll be warmly received.

      My guess is they’re affiliated with the Bushwick storefront of the same name.

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    Along with the chips they also give you a small cup of any of their salads (mango, guacamole, etc…). Usually they ask what you want, but sometimes you need to mention it.

  • Kerrygold >>> Breakstone’s

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