Bruegger’s Bagels Looks Towards New York City

According to NRN, the Bruegger’s Bagel chain is looking to open 15 locations in NYC, starting with a location in Midtown near Times Square. I guess there aren’t a ton of bagel places in Midtown (Ess-a-Bagel and Times Square Hot Bagels are the only two that come to mind), but it still seems like a weird business move.  Anybody ever tried this place? Where do you get your Midtown bagel fix? [NRN via Wined & Dined]


  • They already had one in the early 90′s on 42nd and 6th across the st from HBO. It didn’t stand out in any way..

  • Brueggers has always been a solid option for bagels, although I haven’t had them in years. Not sure if they’re gona through some sort of recession/downsizing where the bagels are now smaller or different tasting then before (which happens to lots of mega-chain type restaurants), but the bagels definitely beat the generic deli kind, so bring it on.

    I work near Ess-a-Bagel, which is totally awesome, and I know Bruegger’s won’t come close to that kind of quality, but hey, at least they’ll stay open during Passover! (I think)

  • Why oh why oh why would I, a New Yorker, go to a chain based in Vermont to get a bagel? Right, I wouldn’t. Not even in Vermont. So of course they want to put this in Time Square, so the tourists can see it right next to Olive Garden and feel comfortable that they can get breakfast just like at home.
    Not that bagels in midtown are that great. I’ll stick to Queens, where I can get a bagel in a real bagel shop that hand rolls them and they’re still hot.

  • they are gross. c’mon, this is NY.

  • They have one down in Charleston, SC where I used to live. This is one of the most poor business decisions I’ve read in a while. The bagels that they made weren’t even as good as the crappy mom and pop shops down there. It’s like getting a bagel from Dunkin Dounuts, which is never a good choice. So unless they are strategically placed in areas where there are no local bagel places, they don’t stand a chance.

  • Ew. Awful bagels. They shouldn’t even qualify as bagels.

  • I used to eat these in Boston. They are terrible. Made me long for moving to NYC and eating nyc bagels (which I do now!)

    But perhaps the “NYC water” could improve them….

  • I used to go to Bruegger’s back in college. This was in Cleveland so as you can imagine the bagel choices were limited. So it was an acceptable option then. Today…not so much.

    The best bagels I used to get in midtown were at a kosher deli on 38th between 7th/8th. I don’t remember the name of the place, but it’s next to the Guy & Gallard. I’m sure it’s still around. Pretty good bagels and spreads.

  • yo cleveland. represent! bruegger’s is no big deal though. fave is ess-a-bagel

  • When I was in college in Boston this was a decent option for being below my dorm. We all know how low those standards are. Perhaps NY water was the missing ingredient, but with so many delis serving perfectly good bagels and then our standards like Ess-a, Hot & Crusty, H&H… don’t really see the point to this.

  • Waaaay out of bounds, but H & H has that huge place on 46th and 12th. They sell hot, fresh bagels there.

  • I used to eat Bruegger’s Bagels in LA where I grew up. They were one of my favorites there. But then I moved to NY, and nothing can compare…I’ll stick to my Bagel Express near my apartment – nothing is better!

  • Sandra– that tip on the bagel place is what I have been waiting for Midtown lunch to provide me with for MONTHS now. You have just made a few or my hangover mornings a lot better, and blissfully PAX-free.

  • Sarah, the world best hangover cure is a Bacon Butty with a Bloody Mary.

  • There was one in new rochelle, near where I grew up (this is now roughly 15 years ago. I can’t imagine it’s still there). Awful, awful bagels. Serves no market. I’d avoid it.

    That said, I’d love another east side bagel option besides ess-a. They’re good, but I’d take some non-oversized bagels as well.

  • Question: What is the most pointless yet successful chain restaurant in Manhattan that is not located in Times Square or a similarly tourist-infested location? (I disqualify McDonalds etc. from consideration.)

    The reason I ask is that I don’t think that Manhattannites are as cool as people think. Still, I’d be shocked if Brueggers succeeded here. It’s not disgusting, but it makes no sense in this city. But then again, many of the world’s great coffee cities said the same thing about Starbucks. Do not underestimate the power of chains.

  • Ess-a Bagels are some of the best in NY but how come there aren’t that many bagel spots in midtown. Very Lame. As a long Island Native I have a childhood love affair with bagels!

  • As a lifelong New Yorker who ate these throughout college in Ann Arbor, MI, they are pretty good for what they are…which are not bagels. As bagel-shaped flavored breads, they are good. As bagels they fail miserably. As long as you don’t expect an actual bagel experience, you won’t be disappointed.

  • gross. Used to eat them out in Ann Arbor also because there were no decent options out there. The ‘bagels’ are tiny and dense. Stupid Stupid Move

  • Barely passable when hungover and needing a bagel in Ann Arbor. they will be more useless in NY.

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