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4Food Opening Delayed Until June: Remember 4Food? The joint set to open on 40th and Madison selling doughnut shaped, sustainable burgers filled with lord knows what.  They were supposed to open this month, but according to their website it has been pushed back to June 1st. Mark it on your calendars early adopters... we thinks there will be a lot of curiosity around this one.

PROFILE: Midtown Lunch’er “Angela”

Every Tuesday I turn over the site to a different Midtown Lunch’er for his or her recommendations for the best lunch in Midtown. This week it’s Angela, a PR…uh… person (is that what you call it?) who love Mexican food and is looking for some ice cream!

Name: Angela

Age: 24

Occupation: Associate Director at a PR firm

Where in Midtown do you Work?: A couple blocks north of Saks (dangerous)

Favorite Kind of Food: Mexican, Tex/Mex, Latin, Spanish (just to cover all the bases because I have been warned by many that these are VERY different cuisines), Italian, cupcakes, walnut brownies, beef patties, clam chowder, bagels, plantains and anything with cheese. So apparently, anything high in fat.

Least Favorite Kind of Food: The overpriced kind, salmon, crawfish, Reuben sandwiches, bibimbap, eggs benedict, beets, licorice

Favorite Place(s) to Eat Lunch in Midtown: The Mediterranean falafel at Crisp, Roast pork sandwich and maduros at Sophie’s Cuban, slice of white pizza from Pizza Rustica (on 2nd Ave btw. 43+44th). “Alternate” lunches for those days when regular food just won’t do: $3 margs at Blockheads, a PB&J cupcake from the Cupcake Stop truck when it’s in town

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Pizza By Cer Te Delayed Another Two Weeks: They're dropping like flies over on the ML Twitter Tracker today. Jiannetto's, Street Sweets, Frites N Meats, and Cupcake Stop are taking the day off because of the weather. And to add insult to injury, Cer Te announced that Pizza Be Cer Te has been delayed another 2 weeks.

Eat a Pita Expands Beyond Grand Central

Eata Pita

Last Wednesday, Lunch’er “Goats” alerted those of you who check the forums that Eata Pita (on Park Ave.+30th) was selling $2 falafal+hummus sandwiches. Sadly, the deal was for one day only, but the people at Eata Pita reassured me that they plan on offering totally unpredictable daily specials to the neighborhood at random.

I was on my way to a lunch meeting so didn’t eat-a-pita, but the prices seem right (lamb gyro platter for $8.45, hummous & tabouli pita is 5.45, etc.) so I’ll be back. This isn’t the first branch of Eata Pita to open in Midtown… those of you who work near Grand Central will probably recognize it from the Grand Central Terminal Food Court.

For those of you who have never been- check out the menu after the jump.

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Rock Center ‘Bux is Back: The "subway" Starbucks at Rock Center has reopened after being closed for renovations (the new space is more open looking.) Earth shattering news? No. But if you are a Rock Center coffee addict, you'll be glad to not have to go to the "Rink" Starbucks which is already slow and usually overrun by tourists.

Otarian Vegetarian Opening in Midtown on April 19th


Fork in the Road just reported that Otarian, a new fast casual Vegan/Vegetarian spot that touts itself as being “low carbon”, will be opening on Bleecker Street April 19th.  What they didn’t mention was that there is a second location opening in Midtown on the same day, on 56th Street and 8th Ave.  You know we don’t usually get super excited about this kind of stuff but one of us we’ll sacrifice ourselves for the good of  the vegetarian Midtown Lunch’ers.

Tea Time?: I don't know about the Mighty Leaf tea (I'm a PG Tips man myself), but you can't argue with a free cookie sandwich! From now until April 4th 'wichcraft will be offering half price tea and a complimentary cream’wich from 3-6pm at all their locations.  Freeloaders engage.

Where To Find Passover Sweets in Midtown

Midtown Lunch Passover
Hello chocolate covered matzoh! Photo courtesy of Mamacita.

Early today we told you about Passover lunches, but what’s a good holiday without some good desserts?! If you’re still in need of something to bring to Seder tonight (or just looking for an afternoon pick me up), here are some sweet options you can choose from.

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Korean-Fried-Chicken-Palooza: Kyochon vs. Bon Chon vs. Mad For Chicken

Free Wings While You Wait at Kyochon

The problem with Korean Fried Chicken is that it’s actually so good that you’re willing to go through a lot to get it. I discovered this a couple years ago at Mad For Chicken (a branch of Bon Chon Chicken at the time.) Both patience and the lunch hour were tested as 10, then 20, then 30 minutes went by with neither food served nor drinks refilled. But a year ago, when Zach first posted about the place, it was our only lunchtime option. It cost more than you wanted to spend and often took a lot longer than you really had time for… but oh, that chicken! Crisp, sweet and sticky, it made all the worries of time and work melt away.

That’s why when Kyochon’s ‘coming soon’ sign went up last February, I rejoiced. Korean Fried Chicken without the interminable wait? Yes, please! Or so I thought. If the year-long delay didn’t set me straight, the lines out the door after it opened certainly did. Clearly, waiting for Korean Fried Chicken is just a requirement. It’s the way it is. So, the question becomes, with Kyochon finally here, Mad For Chicken across the street and a Bon Chon a few blocks away (and another opening up on the same block as Kyochon), how do they stack up?

With the alternating hype and dog-piling on Kyochon, a clear, unbiased fried chicken smackdown was in order. I gladly stepped up (arteries be damned.)

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Passover Reminder: Maoz is Open, Everybody Else is Closed (Including the 2nd Ave Deli)

The Jewish holiday of Passover starts tonight at sundown, so all of the Kosher spots in Midtown will be closed from 3/29 until at least 4/5. It’s not too late for a last minute Kosher Midtown Lunch, though… Pick a Pita (on 8th btw. 39+40th) is open today. But Kosher Deluxe, Olympic Pita, and all the Diamond District spots are already closed. Strangely enough Maoz (on 40th & 7th) will stay open through Passover (I thought they were certified Kosher?) On the plus side there are some spots still open with passover lunch’ing options… Sarge’s (on 3rd btw. 36+37th) has matzoh ball soup and matzoh brie, and so does the Cafe Edison (along with a special “passover” menu starting tonight.)  But the 2nd Ave. Deli will be closed.  Have any other good tips for those Midtown Lunch’ers celebrating Passover?  Feel free to put them in the comments…

Your Last Midtown Lunch Before Passover (aka, the best bread in Midtown)