Passover Reminder: Maoz is Open, Everybody Else is Closed (Including the 2nd Ave Deli)

The Jewish holiday of Passover starts tonight at sundown, so all of the Kosher spots in Midtown will be closed from 3/29 until at least 4/5. It’s not too late for a last minute Kosher Midtown Lunch, though… Pick a Pita (on 8th btw. 39+40th) is open today. But Kosher Deluxe, Olympic Pita, and all the Diamond District spots are already closed. Strangely enough Maoz (on 40th & 7th) will stay open through Passover (I thought they were certified Kosher?) On the plus side there are some spots still open with passover lunch’ing options… Sarge’s (on 3rd btw. 36+37th) has matzoh ball soup and matzoh brie, and so does the Cafe Edison (along with a special “passover” menu starting tonight.)  But the 2nd Ave. Deli will be closed.  Have any other good tips for those Midtown Lunch’ers celebrating Passover?  Feel free to put them in the comments…

Your Last Midtown Lunch Before Passover (aka, the best bread in Midtown)


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    Mendy’s usually opens for the non-seder days at either end. Granted this year that would pretty much be Thursday and Friday lunch…

    If you’re more kosher style like me (no grain products at all, including corn, but you don’t care where the food’s cooked), most chinese places will do a steamed chicken with broccoli, hold the rice. Super boring but hey it’s better than matzoh. also has a couple places in midtown (Village Crown-to-go, My Most Favorite Food, etc.)

  • Ordered lunch today from Bergers on 39th betw 5th and Madison. mmmmm. Matzoh Ball Soup was good, and Pastrami delicious. Does this mean they are open? yes.

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    Toloache on 50th and 8th has a Passover menu (if you will eat in places that are serving items without bread or made with matzoh meal instead) — I tried some of the items last year via SeamlessWeb and really enjoyed them!

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