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Eat a Pita Expands Beyond Grand Central

Eata Pita

Last Wednesday, Lunch’er “Goats” alerted those of you who check the forums that Eata Pita (on Park Ave.+30th) was selling $2 falafal+hummus sandwiches. Sadly, the deal was for one day only, but the people at Eata Pita reassured me that they plan on offering totally unpredictable daily specials to the neighborhood at random.

I was on my way to a lunch meeting so didn’t eat-a-pita, but the prices seem right (lamb gyro platter for $8.45, hummous & tabouli pita is 5.45, etc.) so I’ll be back. This isn’t the first branch of Eata Pita to open in Midtown… those of you who work near Grand Central will probably recognize it from the Grand Central Terminal Food Court.

For those of you who have never been- check out the menu after the jump.

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