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Times Square Bonchon Closed For Renovations

The month-long closure notice was already on the door at the end of February when my coworker and I went to get our favorite KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), and yet it didn’t register until I was confronted by the paper covered windows and locked doors on 38th btw. 7+8th. Looks like we will be schlepping to the 5th Avenue Koreatown location  if someone wants their Bonchon. Popeye’s and NYC Fried Chicken just aren’t quite the same.

Turtle Bay BonChon is Now BarKogi

Something strange is going down in Turtle Bay. No, I’m not talking geopolitical intrigue at the UN. I’m talking about the BonChon on 2nd Ave. (btw. 50th+51st) changing its name to BarKogi. According to the menu, the name is apparently all that’s changed. Luncher Andrew let us know that the food is identical to BonChon, if a dollar or two more expensive. BonChon by any other name still tastes as good, I guess. So we’re not sure exactly what happened, but at least we can still get those delicious wings and drums. Has anybody been to the newly rebranded spot?

Get 35% Off Food & Drinks at BonChon: Korean fried chicken fanatics, start your engines. Google Offers has a deal today for 35% off food and drinks at BonChon's Turtle Bay location (2nd Ave. btw 50th+51st). The deal is good through June 6 and is only valid from 11am to 6pm, making it perfect to use for lunch.

30% Off BonChon Chicken: Korean fried chicken fans, take note: Google Offers has a 30% off BonChon Chicken deal today for the Midtown location on 2nd avenue between 50th and 51st streets. Read the details carefully -- you can't use the coupon on specials or on Fridays, which is kind of random. But 30% off at BonChon means that some of those non-lunch special entrees can be affordable! Although, generally speaking, we recommend you stick to the chicken.

50% Off BonChon: The Pitopia deal we told you about this morning on our own deals page isn't the only good deal floating around today. This site is offering $20 worth of food and drinks at the BonChon 5th Ave for just $10. The deal is only valid Sunday through Wednesday from April 2 to July 3, and it seems like there's a new Bon Chon deal every other week. But we do love us some Korean fried chicken here on ML, so cheapskates... engage.

“New and Improved” La Frieda Bulgogi Burger at Bon Chon?

Back in December, I visited Bon Chon’s Turtle Bay location to check out their lunch specials. While I loved the chicken, I also tried the LaFrieda Korean Bulgogi Burger ($9), and wasn’t the biggest fan. But in light of recent comments in the ML Forums claiming that the burger was vastly improved, I had to go for a second look.

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Changes at Bon Chon & Yagura?: Word has come in the forums about a couple of changes to two of our more popular Midtown Lunches.  The latest raves about the 2nd Ave. Bon Chon's bulgogi burger w/ LaFrieda meat has caused us to wonder if they have changed it since we first tried it. And apparently Yagura (on 41st btw. Mad+5th) has undergone a moderate makeover, coupled with a small price hike.

Stick to the Chicken at BonChon Turtle Bay

Back in August, we announced the opening of a brand new Bon Chon location in Turtle Bay, but never got around to a full review. Since I’ve never been to Bon Chon (criminal, I know), I decided it was most definitely time for me to venture over.  Korean fried chicken places can get a bit expensive if you aren’t careful, but there are four lunch specials on the menu that all clock in at under $10: BonChon Chicken Lunch, LaFrieda Korean Bulgogi Burger + Frite, Balsamic House Salad, and BonChon Marinated Chicken Fried Rice.

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Bon Chon Turtle Bay is Now Open: Great news for Korean fried chicken lovers who work in Midtown East, but don't want to trek down to K-Town. The newest location of Bon Chon Chicken (on 51st and 2nd Ave) is now open, and serving up a soft opening menu that includes chicken, dukboki, bulgogi, and more.

Bon Chon Safe and Sound and Serving Cheap Beer

We got a tip earlier this week that the Bon Chon on 38th btw. 7+8th had been closed by the Health Department. Upon investigating yesterday, it turns out that the restaurant is open for business with a Grade Pending sign in the window. According to the DOH website, the restaurant was shut down after a failing inspection last week and re-opened on Monday with an A-grade worthy 11 points. But the trip over there wasn’t completely futile! It turns out they’re now serving $2.99 tap beers (including Brooklyn Lager, Stella, and Sam Adams) all day long Monday – Wednesday and at off peak hours the rest of the week. And now we know those tap lines are most likely clean.

Korean-Fried-Chicken-Palooza: Kyochon vs. Bon Chon vs. Mad For Chicken