Bon Chon Turtle Bay is Now Open

Great news for Korean fried chicken lovers who work in Midtown East, but don’t want to trek down to K-Town. The newest location of Bon Chon Chicken (on 51st and 2nd Ave) is now open, and serving up a soft opening menu that includes chicken, dukboki, bulgogi, and more.


  • Was there over the weekend and they have a very basic menu right now until they sort out the kitchen etc. However, am liking it so far and the fact that they serve Korean beer (Hite) and soju is a big plus.

  • Dumb question for someone who has never ventured down to K-town but is close enough to 51st/2nd to try it here: do they do take-out or is it sit-down/eat in place only?

  • went here on Sun and had a small order of garlic soy drumsticks ($9) that came with 6 gargantuan drums…I finished it all, but just barely. Meat was tender and skin was great, but the meat itself could have used a bit more seasoning. Next time I may go for the wings instead. They are still sorting through some issues as can be expected, but all in good time. I’m very glad they’re in the neighborhood.

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    Massive amounts of beer on tap!!!

  • I’ve been there a few times since it opened. I love the chicken wings. I always get the hot wings. They are not overly spicy, but they are enjoyable. The Soy Garlic wings are very flavorful.

    I wish their small order of wings was 10 instead of 8. Other than that, I love their wings.

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