New 38th Street Bon Chon Opening Right Now


The new Midtown location of Korean fried chicken chain Bon Chon is opening right now on 38th St. btw. 7+8th. It’s a soft opening, so they don’t have a full menu… but they are serving fried chicken w/ french fries, roll, or rice. There’s a large seating area upstairs, which will be open to anybody during lunch, but after 5pm the place will turn into a sit down restaurant with waiter service upstairs. It sounds like they’ve been giving out free chicken wing samples for a few hours, but that might end once they are officially open for business at 2:30pm. (In other words, if you’re looking for a free wing I’m not guaranteeing anything.)

UPDATE: Before you rush out… drumsticks are at least a 20 minute wait, and they haven’t figured out the ordering system yet. So you might want to give these guys a few days to get settled. Or not.

Check out more photos and the menu, after the jump…




Small Chicken + Side Dish ($7)
6 wings or
3 drumsticks or
1 drumstick & 4 wings or
6 pieces of “white meat” (which they described as chicken strips)

Medium Chicken + Side ($11)
10 wings or
5 drumsticks or
2 drumsticks & 6 wings or
10 pieces of “white meat”

Large Chicken + Side ($20)
20 wings or
10 drumsticks or
4 drumsticks & 12 wings or
20 pieces of “white meat”

Chose your flavor: soy garlic sauce, soy garlic hot sauce, or both (Choice of “both” only available on Medium & Large orders)
Sides: french fries, coleslaw, dinner roll, rice, kimchi coleslaw

The Full menu won’t be available until Feburary 1st, but here is the rest of it…

Caesar Salad $6
Chicken Caesar Salad $10
Creamy Italian House Salad $7
Chicken House Salad $11
Spring Mix Balsamic Salad $7
Chicken Balsamic Salad $11
Seasoned French Fries $7
Popcorn shrimp and onions $14
Seasoned Calamari $13
Soy Garlic Potstickers $10
Hot Garlic Potstickers $10
Zucchini Fries $11
Sesame Ginger Tofu Salad $9
Chicken Ginger Tofu Salad $13
Bul Go Gi Taco $7
Spicy Chicken Taco $7
Bul Go Gi Rice Bowl $8
Spicy Chicken Rice Bowl $8
Dduk Bok Gi (Spicy Rice Cake) $12
Scallion Korean Pancake $10
Bul Go Gi Dish $14
Dak Gal Bi (Spicy Chicken) $14

Bon Chon Chicken, 207 W. 38th St. (btw. 7+8th), 212-221-3339


  • zach, did you try anything?

  • Please tell me they serve pickled radish with their chicken!

  • Please tell me they don’t have those douchey back-lit beer dispensers.

  • @rinda – Nope… they’ve literally be open 20 minutes.

    @ambitious – I don’t think so. The menu says they’ll have “kimchi cole slaw” but that’s not available yet.

  • “It is far better to have one’s business plan in hand BEFORE disembarking from the great boat, than to fly upside down, which will result in nasty crack up.”

    — Confuscious (or one of his progeny)

  • Thanks for the updates, Zach!

    I almost got into a fight with the good folks at the one in downtown because they didn’t have radish.

    How could this be?!?!?! How can you have Korean fried chicken with no radish. SIGH.

  • Good News: They give you radish.

    Bad News: My small order took 45 minutes :-)

  • if it is autentic Bon Chon(which looks like it is), they should and must serve you with radish and the taste and quality of their chicken should be the same as other Bon Chon restaurants.

  • Um, am I just not seeing the alcohol section of the menu? Uh oh.

  • meanwhile kyochon’s windows are still covered up with paper

  • I am going there in 6 minutes, could you yuppies and food bloggers get out of my way in advance?

  • I went last night at 6. I was unimpressed. Of 5 drumsticks, 1 was a wing bone, not a drum stick. 2 were WAY overcooked and dry as hell.

    The Fries were cold. Like they were made 15 min earlier and stuck on top of the box. (very few also) The “dinner rolls” were cold and dry and tasted out of a box. The only good I found was the white meat chicken. These were big thick boneless breast meat chicken pieces that were juicy and flavorful and not overcooked.

    If I go back, it wont be for a long long time.

    If you are going to open for business to the public – then be ready when you do.

  • You must have been there while I was waiting. My order took 30 mins to complete. I guess getting legs is not a good idea. I warmed it up at home so I can’t address temps. I enjoyed the flavor of the chicken, but I can see people wanting sauces on the side. The pickled radish was a nice touch.

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    From the reviews I’m hearing so far, it sounds like an expensive version of KFC with a little Korean flair… yummy?

  • Just went, 1 1/2 hour wait for everything.

  • at 12:30 today there was a 45 minute wait!!!!! :(

  • WOW.

    Zach, I didn’t expect you to use the F word in your Twitter posting for Bon Chon!! :-(

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    Phoned in order for my office at 11:45am…was told it’ll take 45mins to 1 hour. SO went to pick up at 12:50…and was told that they were out of everything and it would be another 1 hour…and then also asked if I want to cancel the order! While this was going on, I saw a delivery guy going out to deliver a bunch of bags to Time Warner building while is soooo wrong since they were telling people that they are not delivering until Feb. 1st! It was just ALL WRONG!!!!

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    looks a lot less clubby than the k-town one was. any idea how late they plan on staying open? and if they’ll have alcohol?

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