Turtle Bay BonChon is Now BarKogi

Something strange is going down in Turtle Bay. No, I’m not talking geopolitical intrigue at the UN. I’m talking about the BonChon on 2nd Ave. (btw. 50th+51st) changing its name to BarKogi. According to the menu, the name is apparently all that’s changed. Luncher Andrew let us know that the food is identical to BonChon, if a dollar or two more expensive. BonChon by any other name still tastes as good, I guess. So we’re not sure exactly what happened, but at least we can still get those delicious wings and drums. Has anybody been to the newly rebranded spot?


  • seems like bonchon is always in some kind of trouble like this. spots previously called bonchon is always changing names and ownerships.

  • Don’t restaurants do this when they don’t pay their taxes?

  • Their food is not identical. I asked why the menu was different at this Bon Chon (when it was called that) and they said they were not part of the chain any more.

    The fried rice at BarKogi is fantastic. Head and shoulders above Bon Chon. The wings are also larger in size and delicious.

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    Went here a couple days ago and had chicken strips with the hot & spicy sauce; it was good but didn’t really taste much different from when it was Bon Chon. What did really bother me though was that on my order of 10 strips they wouldn’t allow me to do half with the hot & spicy and half with the soy garlic, which I had no problem getting when it was still Bon Chon. Really guys, you couldn’t accommodate a simple request like that?

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    Looks like they have a new website: http://www.barkogi.com. finally got a chance to try it over the weekend and the food is pretty good. looks like they have a new menu too.. bibimbap, japchae, korean tacos..

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