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Free-ish Burgers at 4Food

Fans of burgers with holes in the center, get excited. Gimmicky burger joint 4Food (Madison Ave. btw 40+41st) is advertising a free burger deal for a limited time. Okay, the burger isn’t entirely free – you have to buy a side and drink to get your freebie. Even for the hamburger purist, that’s still a pretty good deal.

4Food, 286 Madison Ave (btw 40+41st St)

4Food Closes Up Shop for August

4Food Closed
4Food closed yesterday for a “pause to reboot.” No idea what they plan on doing to upgrade the customer experience (though I have a few ideas if they want an amateur blogger’s opiniom)  We’ll find out soon enough when they reopen on September 7th. Apparently the grand reopening might also bring cake, hopefully for us it’ll be of the free variety.

4Food Does Sport Midtown’s Cheapest Lamb Burger


When Jeremiah went to 4Food (Madison+40th) to create the “ML Garbage Plate Burger“-which you should be getting-he had a plan. When I went to try out this 4Food ‘there’s a hole in your burger’ silliness, I had no plan. I wanted something that would preferably come out to less than $10, taste decent but still be sort of substantial. After being walked through the menu by a very patient cashier, I decided I was in the mood for a Greek burger. Midtown does have a lack of decent cheap Greek burgers.

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There Are Now Two ML Burgers At 4Food (and One is NSFW)

Earlier this week, we unveiled our Garbage Plate inspired 4Food burger and made it available to order on their website. But apparently that’s not the only Midtown Lunch burger that’s available!  Yesterday we discovered the “F*** Midtown Lunch” burger created by 4Food user “adthelad”.  Apparently we’re not only a “conservative food blog” (whatever that means?) but we also contribute “to the lack of food diversity in Midtown” (what that means?) And it comes complete with a refashioned “Mediocre Lunch” logo (definite points for going the extra mile.) Name aside, the burger itself sounds scandal proof – beef, avocado, Manchego and MoFongo. We might just have to go F*** ourselves.

Our 4Food Creation Turns Out to Be a Garbage Plate Miracle

If there’s anything worse than a gimmicky restaurant in Midtown, it must be a Midtown restaurant with an overabundance of gimmicks. 4Food (Madison btw. 40+41st) arrived on the scene last year with a semi-healthy (?) burger concept called (W)holeburgers featuring patties with holes in them, along with a multitude of creative sandwich toppings, an industrial chic look (complete with iPad stations), space age packaging, and an aggressive social networking strategy. None of that made me anxious to try it, but it was one of their other gimmicks that finally got me in the door, and convinced me to create a Midtown Lunch inspired burger – their Billboard-esque chart of customer burger creations.

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It’s BOGO Week at 4Food: To celebrate Thanksgiving 4Food (on Mad+40th) will be doing a buy one get one free meal deal Mon-Weds after 5pm, and 7am to 3pm on Thanksgiving for those of your poor souls that have to be in Midtown on Thurs. The only catch- your meal has to be over $8, and your friend has to be in store to claim their free meal valued at the same price or less. Can't be combined with any other offer.

Pee Wee Herman’s 4Food Burger is a Winner: Remember when Pee Wee Herman stopped into 4Food (on 40th and Mad) last month? Well, he designed a burger that is now on the menu and Burger Conquest has declared it "a wonder to behold." It's called the Growing Boy and features a beef patty topped with onions, potato chorizo hash, smoked mozzarella, sopressata & sweet chili, served on a multi-grain bun. Nice.

Pee Wee Herman Spotted at 4Food!?

Pee Wee Herman was everywhere yesterday! From Katz’s deli to playing basketball on 4th Street, Pee Wee spent the day twittering (and Four Squaring his way) through New York to promote his new/old Broadway show opening on 43rd Street. So, if you’re on a twitter marketing tour of NYC where do you stop to eat at the very end of the day? 4Food of course! (I guess nobody told him Shack Shack is around the corner from his theater?) Wonder if this means we’ll be spotting Pee Wee at Midtown Lunch spots for the next few months. That would actually be kind of cool…

Lunch at 4Food Was a Complete Mess Today

Yesterday 4Food “officially” opened to the public, and we didn’t hear much from the scene (post Labor Day blues perhaps?) Today, however, was a different story. Despite weeks of previews, soft opening hours, and training it sounds like 4Food wasn’t exactly ready for the Midtown lunch rush. Reports have been pouring in all day complaining of long waits, restless crowds, and empty bellys. From Lunch’er Roberto: “Just came back from 4Food and waited close to an hour for my food. People were literally walking out on their orders. Here is a pic of the counter right before I got my food.” And it’s not just people who walked in off the street, even those who ordered online were waiting forever. And there are more complaints in the Forums. 4Food is telling people via Twitter to email them ( if you had any issues and they’ll “make it right”.

Either way, consider this your friendly ML PSA… if you don’t get that much time for lunch, it might be worth waiting a little longer for these guys to get everything sorted out before heading over to try 4Food.

Midtown Lunch’ers Liveblog: Your First Look at 4Food

Free Smoothie Alert: Just got word that 4Food (on Mad+40th) is open this morning and giving away a free smoothie with the purchase of every breakfast sandwich up until 11am.  We're not normally ones to go for smoothies, but their dirt smoothie did get high marks from a few of Midtown Lunch'ers who scored the preview last week. (And it's free.)