4Food Does Sport Midtown’s Cheapest Lamb Burger


When Jeremiah went to 4Food (Madison+40th) to create the “ML Garbage Plate Burger“-which you should be getting-he had a plan. When I went to try out this 4Food ‘there’s a hole in your burger’ silliness, I had no plan. I wanted something that would preferably come out to less than $10, taste decent but still be sort of substantial. After being walked through the menu by a very patient cashier, I decided I was in the mood for a Greek burger. Midtown does have a lack of decent cheap Greek burgers.

Lamb Burger

Of course I was going to pick lamb on a brioche bun, I put the sliced mushrooms and onions in my hole (steady, commenters) and topped it all off with goat cheese and tzatziki. With the entire burger coming out to $7, I’d say that’s good deal especially because it’s ground lamb! The burger itself was decent, the meat was on par with what Jeremiah had-lean with barely any grease, but cooked well and still tender. The goat cheese and tzatiki played nicely with the lamb and brioche. The burger wasn’t substantial enough to be your only lunch item, you would definitely need to get a side in order to make it through the afternoon, but since it wasn’t heavy and massive, you also wouldn’t need to 5-minute nap. Next time, I’ll most likely choose a different bun as that was the low point of the sandwich. Feel free to suggest sandwich combinations for me to get there, I’m happy to frequent any place with let’s me use their iPads and Wifi for free.

4Food, 286 Madison AveĀ (btw 40+41st St)

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