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4Food Soft Opening This Afternoon

My pork burger and Square RootsOn Tuesday ML contest winners gave us a sneak peak at 4Food, the burger joint/social networking hub officially opening September 7th on Madison and 40th. Today, everybody will get a chance to check it out from 3:30 to 6:30pm. The food isn’t free, but they will be open for business and serving their full menu- testing out their ordering system and staff for Midtown eaters willing to be guinea pigs. Not in the mood for a spinach and pine nut stuff turkey burger this afternoon? They’ll be open again tomorrow from 9am to Noon. [via Eater]

Photo courtesy of The Wandering Eater.

UPDATE: Just got word that because of technical issues 4Food will not be soft opening this afternoon… but to make up for it they will be giving out $5 gift cards to anybody who shows up.  (That’s almost better, right?!)

Midtown Lunch’ers Liveblog: Your First Look at 4Food

Earlier this month we had a contest giving away slots to a special preview lunch at 4Food, the crazy new social-media-meets-doughnut-shaped-veggie-stuffed-hamburger spot opening in September on Madison and 40th Street.  That free lunch is happening right now, and we couldn’t help but ask the winning lunchers to send us their thoughts in real time.

Noon – The first guests are starting to arrive…  “Scene is bustling with peeps who are part of the event.” According to Lunch’er Tina.

12:15pm – And the first burger has been consumed.  Good news for ketchup lovers, bad news for environmentalists…  From Lunch’er “Mike”   “Burger is pretty good. The staff is very nice. I don’t hate the fufu custom ketchup; I’m a Heinz guy. There’s a LOT of cardboard wrapped around the food. More people taking pictures than eating. I prefer Carnegie John but this is ok. The space is nice; kind of industrial warehouse feel.

12:23pm – Lunch’er “Tina’s” order is in.  “Pork burger w/Brussels sprouts, fontina and horseradish cream in brioche. Side of Square Roots fries.”

Check out the first bits of burger porn, after the jump…

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Get $12 Worth of 4Food: Emails went out last night to the winners of our 4Food speak preview contest... if you didn't win (or even if you did) you can still get $12 to spend at 4Food for free when they open on September 7th just by going to their website and signing up for an account.

Free 4Food Reminder: Don't be too jealous looking at the sneak peak of 4Food that Eater and Gizmodo got last week.  Clearly they fear you guys, and want to get things perfect for the Midtown Luncher preview happening for 35 lucky lunchers. If you haven't entered already, you have until Noon today to do it up.

Win a Free Lunch Preview of New Burger Concept “4Food”

1124091758It’s been almost 9 months since we first discovered 4Food, the crazy new burger concept opening soon on 40th and Madison Ave..  They launched their website back in November of 2009 promising to offer a fully customizable, healthier fast food burger by cutting a hole in the patty and filling it with various “scoops” (think mushrooms and onions, or spinach and toasted pine nuts.)  With 8 different patties (beef, pork, fish, veggie, etc), 5 different buns, over 15 scoops, 7 cheeses, 6 other toppings, a ton of condiments, and the promise of seasonal specials, the permutations are endless… and as if the food itself isn’t crazy enough, there will be free wi-fi, the ability to order from an iPad, computerized ordering kiosks (for those who are iPad-less), social networking tie ins, and a giant menu board that will show Twitter info, Four Square check-ins and menu fun.  You’ll also be able to create your own burger, and then “advertise” it to friends using… you guessed it… social networking!

Horrible or horribly amazing?  Either way, we’re pretty excited to see how this madness turns out- and we’re guessing if you read this site, you feel the same way.  So, with that in mind, 4Food has agreed to let some of you get a special sneak preview.  The grand opening has been pushed back to September 7th, but they’ve agreed to allow 35 Midtown Lunch readers (and a guest) come in for a special preview lunch at the end of the month.  All you have to do to enter to win is comment on this post with the burger creation you’d want to try on your first visit. The best sounding burger (to us) will get to attend the preview, and their burger will be added to the 4Food menu as the “Midtown Lunch” special.  The rest of the winners will be chosen randomly and notified next week.  Good luck!  The contest closes on Monday, August 15th at Noon.

Check out the opening day menu of 4Food after the jump…

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4 Food’s “Big Board” Revealed! Opening Pushed Back Again: It looks like Eater might be the only people more excited than us for the opening of 4Food, the wacky new burger with a hole place opening on Madison & 40th. They snuck in and got a photo of the giant board, which is now operational.  Sadly you'll have to wait until September to try it out yourself.  They've pushed the Grand Opening back to September 7th.

4Food Still Planning For An August 9th Opening

T-Minus 13 days to social media topped doughnut shaped hamburger craziness, stuffed with a healthy serving of twitterrhea. Can’t wait!

4Food Opening Pushed Back to August: Bad news for those who can't wait to scoop stuff into the center of a burger, and then twitter about it.  4Food, the crazy new burger spot that was set to open this month on Madison & 40th, has postponed their opening until August 9th to "provide the best food & experience possible". We're guessing it's less to do with food, and more to do with the 220 foot "crowd sourcing" screen.

Your Creation May End up on 4Food’s Menu: 4Food is still a month from opening- but Eater talked to one of their reps yesterday and the it's one of those you have to read it to believe it kind of interviews. Our favorite? You will be able to create your own burger, market it on Facebook and Twitter, and get a 25 cent food credit every time somebody purchases it. The future is now, people!

4Food is More Insane Than We Ever Imagined: Remember 4Food, the crazy-ass new stuff-a-hole-in-the-middle-of-your-hamburger-with-weird-shit chain that's supposedly opening June 1st on 40th & Madison.  Eater has ton more info about the place, and it is stranger than we ever could have imagined. (Spoiler: A 4Food rep called it "an Apple store meets a Chipotle".  Oh Boy.)