Your Creation May End up on 4Food’s Menu

4Food is still a month from opening- but Eater talked to one of their reps yesterday and the it’s one of those you have to read it to believe it kind of interviews. Our favorite? You will be able to create your own burger, market it on Facebook and Twitter, and get a 25 cent food credit every time somebody purchases it. The future is now, people!


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    This place is going to be such a trainwreck.

    I’m predicting it will end up opening about 2 months later than currently planned, and will be shuttered by 2011.

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    I read that yesterday. I think they are trying to do way to much. They need to simply their concept. And unless the food is amazing people are going to be too scared to go there.

  • I’ll have to create a ChubbyChineseGirl Burger then! =) at least this time i can get paid… ok, maybe get paid =)

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    Nothing in the interview about how, oddly enough, euro accented disgust with fat people inspired them to create this burger joint? And how that’s part of their marketing plan?

    These guys can F off and die. Just like their stupid black turtlenecked socially networked video screened wifi’ed burger joint.

    One fat burger lover.

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