New “WTF” Burger Concept: 4Food To Bring Doughnut-Like Burgers (With Vegetable Centers) to Midtown


Midtown is no stranger to weird new fast food concepts (Kolache Mama anybody?) but this one could take the cake. It’s called 4Food, it plans to “de-junk fast food” starting in March on Madison and 40th Street. Their website creates more questions than answers, but I think the gist of it is this: they plan on making fast food (burgers, nuggets, fries, etc.) in a natural and more nutritious way (think Zen Burger, but with grass fed beef?) I suppose I can get behind a more sustainable and accountable McDonald’s, but their signature dish sounds positively out there- and I believe involves a hamburger patty with a hole cut in the center and filled with something more healthy?

Meet the “W(hole) Burger”

“Our signature product is the W(hole)burgerâ„¢a donut shaped, beef, lamb, pork, turkey, veggie, salmon or egg patty-balanced (made whole) by one of 25 ethnically diverse Veggiescoop centers, each with unique nutritional attributes. We make Skewers with the holes we punch out of the patties, which when accompanied by Veggiescoop sides, become the perfect bunless, low-carb, sharing food.”

I think I speak for everyone when I say “what the hell are you talking about!?!?” Honestly, I cannot wait for this place to open. You can get more info on their website, but at the very least watch the video! (It’s well worth your time…)

I can’t believe we have to wait 3 months for this! (Thanks to Lunch’er Amanda for sending along the photo.)


  • I hear “Veggiescoop”, and I think of paste-like food in practically every futuristic sci-fi movie.

    Let’s just hope one of the flavors isn’t “SOY-lent Green”.

  • Its a huge space. Formerly a very large office supply store. They must be planning on selling a hell of a lot of veggiescoops.

    Can you just leave my meat in the hole please.

  • I think I just threw up in my mouth a little (a very natural Texan reaction to stuff like this). They better stuff that hole with something awesome like guacamole or chili. Or they can entirely go the opposite direction and punch some holes in the buns and skewer the burger with a bratwurst. Somewhere inside me, the 5th grade version of me is snickering at that image.

  • I have to admit that was a pretty awesome video. And the idea of a box of burger “munchkins” sounds pretty drool inducing.

  • so let me get this straight. they’re punching a hole in my burger, and then charging me for it in the form of a skewer?

  • LSD was involved in this concept.

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    One of the worst verbal descriptions of food ever. (In the sense of being incomprehensible, not sounding yucky.)

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    @meyekull wants them to leave his meat in the hole. Heh, heh, heh…

    I just want to go to this place when it opens to hear over and over again “And what kind of veggiescoop would you like with that.”

  • plz make link clickable for my lazy ass. :)

  • Seems interesting. Maybe I’ll make it one of my 12K+ burgers.

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    Love how at :41 the video has “ORGEBURGER” instead of OGREBURGER”

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    I would eat there. How bout we De-Junk the haters. maybe the hole is left out for all the assholes. seems tasty to me.

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    And Hey, what’s a hipster “healthy” food joint without a gratuitous dig at fat people?

    Here’s an adjustment for your dusty old business plan: Try to avoid taking blatant swipes at people who might be your ‘biggest’ customers.

    This place sounds like a very confusing and pretentious way to get a burger. But you know, us fat folks are stupid, too, so I’m sure it’s just me.

    All that space, all that accented pretension, all that ‘concept,’ all that WiFi/iPad/Steve Jobs-in-a-turtleneck dickery…

    I give this joint 6-9 months, tops. I’ll be sure to post a photo of a fat bastard eating a Carnegie John burger (no hole, no “stuffing” except for my FACE) in front of the “closed for renovations sign” later this winter.

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