Lunch at 4Food Was a Complete Mess Today

Yesterday 4Food “officially” opened to the public, and we didn’t hear much from the scene (post Labor Day blues perhaps?) Today, however, was a different story. Despite weeks of previews, soft opening hours, and training it sounds like 4Food wasn’t exactly ready for the Midtown lunch rush. Reports have been pouring in all day complaining of long waits, restless crowds, and empty bellys. From Lunch’er Roberto: “Just came back from 4Food and waited close to an hour for my food. People were literally walking out on their orders. Here is a pic of the counter right before I got my food.” And it’s not just people who walked in off the street, even those who ordered online were waiting forever. And there are more complaints in the Forums. 4Food is telling people via Twitter to email them ( if you had any issues and they’ll “make it right”.

Either way, consider this your friendly ML PSA… if you don’t get that much time for lunch, it might be worth waiting a little longer for these guys to get everything sorted out before heading over to try 4Food.

Midtown Lunch’ers Liveblog: Your First Look at 4Food


  • I was there today…waited about an hour. I noticed many people complaining that thier orders were not correct when they finally received it. The twitter board was funny too, many disgruntled posts.

  • We totally missed your post in the forums. Just added a link to it. Anybody have a photo of that big tweet board. Sounds hilarious…

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    I was there last week during the soft opening and it took about 30-40 minutes to get my food, not to mention the fact that it had to have been 85-90 degrees in there..

    Oh and my burger was terrible, overcooked cardboard..

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    I went for a free breakfast sandwich last week and with no one in there it was disorganized. I walked out with a sandwich that was not at all what I ordered… I think any restaurant asking you to make 9 choices to complete your order is asking for trouble. Especially during lunchtime in midtown!

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